On March 22 ENCE together with GODSENT will figure out who is stronger at the moment, and for this fight our experts have prepared a qualitative prediction. Read it out below.


Everybody can’t break this series of losses, which have already accumulated three in a row. Although in the last two battles, the opportunity to do so was quite real. For example, they were defeated in equal opposition with French team Vitality with the result 1:2. And after that the Finnish team played against Astralis, putting up quite a serious resistance to the opponents. However, in the end, the opponents on the attacking side could not fight back on the key card. The Finnish club managed to record only one round in their own asset. It should be noted that the only player who played against the Danes with a positive result was sergej (+8).

The Finnish team ENCE was one of the best in the world a year ago but now its results have deteriorated dramatically. This is due to the fact that it made a substitution in the squad, which had a negative impact on its performance. To date, the Finns have taken 22nd place. At the ESL Pro League, they have had 3 confrontations while they are going without victories.


GODSENT conceded in all fights in the competition with a dry result. None of the opponents, the Swedish Five, managed to give a serious fight. Only in the fight with their compatriots in the face of NIP on Mapa Nuke they managed to record fourteen rounds in their own track record. However, on Overpass, the Godsent team was already defeated, and was satisfied with only four rounds. It’s worth saying that earlier the Swedish guys had a fiasco from Vitality, and also from Astralis – 0:2. This once again confirms the fact that GODSENT are not competitive at the level 1. The Swedish guys fight on equal terms exclusively with the opponents of the second ten.

At the moment, the European team of Godsent has settled on 16 positions. He has not won a single card in this tournament. I understand perfectly well that he had serious rivals, such as: “NiP, Vitality and Astralis. However, in most cases, he lost with devastating accounts. This indicates that the Europeans are in a disgusting game form. They can’t compete with the rest of the teams.

Interesting Facts

  • ENCE took one card in two consecutive games.
  • GODSENT lost in all games with a dry score.

ENCE vs GODSENT Prediction

In the forthcoming confrontation, we advise you to bet on the Finns’ victory. They outperform their rivals both individually and tactically. ENCE were very close to defeating Astralis and Vitality, but at some points they lacked discipline. They lost most of the rounds in the minority. We are sure they wouldn’t make such mistakes against GODSENT. Besides, the latter have a small map pool, they can only play on Vertigo. On all other cards, they have a the winning percent below 50%.

Our prediction: ENCE will win

ENCE vs GODSENT live stream