In addition to the “title” Weili Zhang against Joanna Enjeychik, the card of the 248th UFC number tournament includes another women’s duel. As part of this confrontation, which will also take place in the minimum weight, Emily Whitmire will share the octagon with Polyana Viana. The Brazilian, going to the three-digit luzstrike, seems to have got the last chance to restore her reputation and save her from being fired from the promotion, but it will not be so easy to use it – her counterpart plans to rehabilitate herself for losing in an extreme duel. The battle will take place on March 7 in the undercard of the event.

At what time Emily Whitmire vs Polyana Viana fight?
The fight time is March 7, 2020, at 10:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+

How many wins and losses Emily Whitmire have?
Emily Whitmire has 5 wins and 3 losses.

How many wins and losses Polyana Viana have?
Polyana Viana has 10 wins and 4 loss.

Statistics and physical data

Emily WhitmirePolyana Viana
Weight52 kg52 kg
Height167 cm170 cm
Arm span160 cm170 cm
Number of fights814
Wins5 (2 early)10 (10 early)
Defeat3 (3 early)4 (1 early)

Extreme performances of athletes took place last summer with a difference of a month. Although they suffered defeats in them, they were not seriously injured. Also, none of them comes out on short notice – the match was officially announced at the end of last year and the athletes received about two months to complete the training.

Emily Whitmire

The athlete is training in the Xtreme Couture hall. As a rule, she prefers to work in a stance, also has relatively good wrestling skills, can translate and defend against takedowns, however, she has obvious problems with defense against tricks, because of which her track record has been replenished with more than one defeat.

Before becoming a professional, Whitmire had several fights in the amateur arena. She completed this stage with not the best record 4-4, as well as the title of the TUFF organization in the asset. Having become a professional, the American defeated Emily Dukot and Ronnie Nanny, simultaneously losing to Kelly D’Angelo, subsequently deciding to test her abilities in the 26th season of TUF.

On the project, Emily first drew a quick finish by submission to Christina Marx but then lost to Roxanne Modafferi by technical knockout. She still got her chance at the UFC, however, she couldn’t take advantage of it, being weaker than Gillian Robertson. However, after this, Whitmire was not fired. She answered this with victories by unanimous decision and submission over Jamie Moyle and Alexandra Albu, respectively, and in an extreme battle she took up the old, having received an appointment from Amanda Ribas.

Polyana Viana

Athlete training takes place at the Tata Fight Team Camp. The Brazilian, although she can work on her feet, is not a phenomenal technique in this aspect. As a rule, he prefers to be active on the ground, where he definitely shows himself better than in the stance and uses skills developed at the level of the brown belt according to the BJ.

Passing the stage of fans, Viana began her career as a professional, and for the first time, she fought in various Brazilian tournaments, where she collected a 5-1 record, having suffered a single defeat from Aline Sattelmayer.

After she replenished the Jungle Fight promotion and, having defeated Carol Silva there, she received a title shot, in which she went against Amanda Ribas and finished by knockout. Then protecting the belt from Deborah Diaz, and being stronger than Pamela Ferreira at the WOCS 47 event, the Brazilian with a record of 9-1 without hesitation signed a contract with the UFC.

In the first battle under the auspices of the organization, she subjugated Maya Kahaunaele-Stevenson but subsequently could not cope with the onslaught of JJ Aldrich and Hannah Cypers, who won her with a total and a separate decision, respectively. However, the athlete’s failures did not end there, and in the last match, she unexpectedly got an appointment from Veronica Macedo, who put her vis-a-vis in a difficult position.

Emily Whitmire vs Polyana Viana Prediction

Today, both athletes do not show the UFC level, but Polyana is closer to completing this task, despite the defeats. She is the same height as her rival, but she has an advantage in arm span of 10 centimeters. He is more active and, more precisely, in the stand, where he performed well against middle-level drummers Hannah Cyphers and JJ Aldrich and works in a very similar way in defense.

The Brazilian also has an advantage in the fight, which she will try to use. She doesn’t translate in the best way, but Emily, in turn, is not an ideal example of blocking takedowns, and she can do the translation herself, give up her position and once again fall into submission in her career. The story of Viana is similar to the case of Ariane Lipski, only she, thanks to a good replacement, was able to correct her situation earlier. The Brazilian will restore its spoiled reputation on March 7.

  • Our prediction: Polyana Viana Will Win.

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