Sown under number 17, German Angelica Kerber will hold her match against Italian Elizabeth Cocciaretto. The Italian got into the main draw of the tournament through qualification and this achievement can be called successful for her. For the German woman, a satisfactory result would be to go as far as possible through the tournament, because she is a maximalist by nature. Kerber unsuccessfully started the season and will try to correct the situation in this tournament.

Angelique Kerber

The second part of the 2019 season turned out to be unsuccessful. Rolled back in the ranking to 18th position.

The first match of 2020 in Brisbane was also not the most convincing. In the game against Stosur she fought, had excellent chances to take the first set, but in the end, she lost on two tie-breaks (6-7, 6-7). It was noticeable that there wasn’t enough power in the game, Samantha was in time for many balls and shot, pushing Angelica through force.

In Adelaide at the start against Jiang Wang, the opponent did not already have such an advantage, but there were many unforced errors. It was possible for Kerber to outplay such a far from optimal opponent now (6-1, 6-3).

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Cocciaretto won in the last three matches. You can bet on her victory in this match with a coefficient of 3.7.
  • Kerber won this season in one match out of three. Bookmakers rate her victory at 1.3.

Elisabetta Cocciaretto vs Angelique Kerber Prediction

It’s not worth building illusions – Kerber is the favorite of the match, no matter in what form. The German woman has superiority in almost every aspect of the game, starting with the filing and ending with the game at the net. Kochcharetto will be very difficult to offer something to his opponent, so once again he will not take risks, and without risk not win. Therefore, we propose to put on a total of less than 20 games for 1.85.