At a tennis tournament in Hua Hin, Elina Svitolina will start the match against Bibian Shufs on February 12. Over the past season, Elina Svitolina did not win a single title, so the Ukrainian decided to come to this small tournament to finally get a trophy. Of course, this will not be easy, but only a few of the serious rivals.

Is the fourth racket of the world ready for a landslide victory? – we learn from our forecast for the match.

At what time does Elina Svitolina vs Bibiane Schoofs play?
The game time is February 12, 2020, at 10:00 AM (UK time).

What are player’s positions in WTA rankings?
Elina Svitolina takes the 4th positions and Bibiane Schoofs takes the 122nd position in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Elina Svitolina have?
Elina Svitolina has won 62.9% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Bibiane Schoofs have?
Bibiane Schoofs has won 43.5% of the games as a favorite.

Elina Svitolina

Last year, Svitolina announced that she had started dating Monfils. After that, the results of the Ukrainian woman deteriorated, because she used to live in tennis, and at that moment she began to tell that sport is now not the main thing in her life. Everyone knows Elina as a fighter, since she is fighting from the first to the last game. But recently this has not happened, because the Ukrainian woman often goes to the matches without any mood and after the defeats complains about new injuries. Of course, Svitolina is still in the top 10, but at the moment it is extremely unpredictable and slowed down if you recall her game two years ago.

The starting segment of the 2020 season for Elina Svitolina is not the most successful. In Brisbane, she defeated devastatingly in the very first match Collins (1-6, 1-6). On Australia Openen was able to reach only the third round, losing without Mugurus options (1-6, 2-6).

Before starting in Hua Hin, she played three matches for the Ukrainian national team in the Federation Cup. She won not too confidently with Tomova (7-6, 6-3) and Fett (6-3, 3-6, 6-1). In the third match, she did not cope with Contaveit (3-6, 7-6, 2-6).

Bibiane Schoofs

Bibiane Schoofs, an experienced representative of the Netherlands, did not rise above 142nd position in the WTA ranking. At the moment, the tennis player takes 122th place in the ranking.

Schoofs spends a lot of time on the tour and is an example of complete dedication, as she travels from one tournament to another almost every week. The only problem is that the tennis player spends all her playing time at budget ITF tournaments, where even with all the desire to score points, it is extremely difficult to do this (they are played the minimum number). When Bibiane tries her hand at the WTA round, in most cases she loses without a chance. In addition, Schoofs successfully competes only on the ground.

After losing at the start of the Australian Open qualification, Schoofs moved to Thailand, where she already managed to play in two ITF tournaments. There were no great successes, she won only one full match, and in the same game the rival starred. The only advantage of Bibiana over Elina is that the tennis player managed to fully adapt in Thailand.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Svitolina and Shufs have not played before.
  • Both tennis players for the first time in their careers will play at a tournament in Hua Hin.
  • Svitolina in 2020 did not win a single victory with the handicap of (-7) games.


Svitolina is significantly superior to her opponent in the class and level of the game. However, the tournament in Hua Hin is far from the most prestigious. Ahead of the competition in Doha and Dubai, where Elina regularly performs. Plus, there may be problems with adaptation in Thailand after the flight and matches for the national team. It is difficult to talk about any chances for Schofs, because they are not corny. Svitolina successfully performed in the Fed Cup, where she easily led her team to the playoff stage and is now clearly on the courage. And Bibiane is stylistically convenient for a Ukrainian, as she does not have powerful blows in her arsenal.

Our forecast is the victory of Svitolina

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