The first trophy of the 2020 season will be played in Shenzhen on January 11 by Alexandrova and Rybakina. We offer a predictiont for the outcome of the Russian-Kazakh final.

Ekaterina Alexandrova

After winning the semifinals over Mugurusa (6-4, 6-3), the winning streak of Ekaterina Alexandrova reached nine matches. The Russian woman has not lost since the December tournament in Limoges, where she took the title.

According to Shenzhen’s tournament bracket, only in the quarterfinals did Catherine give the set to local tennis player Wang Qiang (3-6, 6-4, 6-3).

In the semifinal duel with Mugurusa, despite a convincing victory in a row, Alexandrova was worried. I could not immediately close the sets. However, Garbigne too unconvincingly acted on her pitch and was unable to return to the game.

During the tournament in Shenzhen Alexandrova, the first serve helps a lot. In the last two matches, the Russian woman worked on accuracy of hitting the first ball by 65 and 74%. This is significantly higher than its traditional indicators. On the second pitch, Ekaterina does not look very convincing, matches happen with her with a decent amount of double mistakes. Rybakina tries to play powerfully at the reception, which can create problems for Alexandrova.

Elena Rybakina

In the 2019 season, Elena Rybakina was already able to take one trophy at the WTA tournament in Bucharest. At the start of the new season, the current representative of Kazakhstan has a chance at her second career title.

Reaching the final of Shenzhen turned out to be absolutely deserved for Elena Rybakina. In the quarterfinals, the tennis player, in the role of a pronounced underdog in the line of bookmakers, overcame the resistance of one of the favorites of the tournament, Eliza Mertens (6-4, 4-6, 6-2).

At the semifinal stage, she coped with the presentation of Christina Plishkova (6-2, 7-5). In the second set, Elena had a difficult time. Opponent seriously took risks, played very aggressively, but withstood Elena, and in the end she herself took the risk at the reception and did not allow Kristina to get to the tie-break.

In preparation for the start of the new season, Rybakina played with Alexandrova in the Czech League. The training match ended in victory for the Russian woman in three sets.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • At official WTA tournaments, tennis players did not play among themselves.
  • Alexandrova on the way to the finals gave one set to her rivals.
  • Rybakina twice in Shenzhen gave sets to rivals.
  • The win-win series of Alexandrova is nine matches.

Ekaterina Alexandrova vs Elena Rybakina Prediction

Bookmakers singled out the favorite in the final match of Shenzhen in the person of Ekaterina Alexandrova. For Rybakina’s victory, the coefficient is above 2.00.

Both tennis players showed their best side on the way to the finals. Rybakina is able to steadily serve the first ball, actively take the opponent’s serve. Elena tries not to delay the draws, at the first opportunity she tries to complete the draw herself. At the same time, the tennis player in the game on the back line is in no way inferior to Ekaterina Alexandrova . We expect an equal match in this confrontation and on the line we offer a prediction for a somewhat underrated underdog.

Our prediction is the victory of Rybakina