On March 29, 2020 at 13:00 UTC the main stage of the 2020 ESL One Los Angeles Dota 2 tournament will hold a match between EHOME (China) and PSG.LGD (China). Can EHOME overcome the strong PSG.LGD? – Consult our prediction.


The Chinese EHOME team is 20th in the world ranking. More recently, it has updated its lineup with players such as Sylar and NothingingToSay. Judging by the latest results, it is safe to say that it has benefited her. She won 3 victories in 5 extreme rivalries, losing only to teams in the top 20, such as Sylar and NothingToSay: Vici Gaming and Royal Never Give Up.


The Chinese team PSG.LGD is one of the best in the world. Today it is based on 16th place in the rating table. In the last 2 weeks he has played a lot of matches, lost only one out of five. In the last meeting he suffered an unexpected loss from Vici Gaming (0-2) on cards. It was evident from the game that they do not play at full strength. We decided to experiment, knitted atypical heroes, and paid for it.

Betting statistics

  • The EHOME team is 20th in the Dota 2 team ranking, which is 17 points lower than the PSG.LGD team’s 3rd position.
  • Total winrate is higher at PSG.LGD and is 67.25% vs. 53.78% at EHOME.
  • Current winnings for EHOME is 1 win. 1 defeat on the PSG.LGD account.
  • Earlier, EHOME won 10 times out of 14 personal encounters and 3 times PSG.LGD, 1 meeting ended in a draw.

EHOME vs PSG.LGT Prediction

In this pair, the favorite is the PSG.LGD team, but we do not agree with that. Of course, it has gained an amazing gaming form, in the updated squad it destroys everyone on its way. However, you should not write off EHOME early. This team has repeatedly made sensations and defeated serious opponents. They can fight today’s opponent. Besides, the statistics are tied in personal meetings, they have already beaten their compatriots. Still, the match is online, so the outsider has a small advantage.

Our prediction: EHOME will win

EHOME vs PSG.LGT live stream