On April 5, the two Chisese teams EHOME and NewBee will fight in the virtual world of Dota 2 in the game of the Los Angeles ESL Tournament. Who will get the victory? – Read it in our prediction below.


EHOME is in the top 20 teams in the world. She has achieved stunning results in the group, came in second place and scored 9 points. She played 5 matches, of which she lost only 2. In the first round of playoffs she got a serious opponent in the face of RNG. She had a good chance to win, but lack of experience played a key role.

In the course of the group stage she managed to make some sensations. She defeated teams like Vici Gaming and IG.


The Chinese team of NewBee is ranked 29 in the ranking table. He gave the same results as his opponent, only took third place. It should be noted that he rarely had problems with the top teams.

The Chinese got to the bottom of the playoffs, where the ViCi were waiting for them. It’s worth paying tribute to them, as in the last match they demonstrated the character and willpower to win, which led to the next round. Throughout the third card they lost, but managed to turn the game in one moment. Once again, they demonstrated the strength of their draft.

EHOME vs NewBee Prediction

Both teams are well aware of the importance of this meeting, as the loser leaves the tournament and departs from ESL Los Angeles. They have crossed paths twice in the last week, the NewBee team never beated Ehome, but always imposed a fight. Today they have a great chance to interrupt a series of failures. We suggest taking a chance and playing their win. Newbee’s got some pretty specific drafts, but they’re hardworking. In most cases, they try to seize the initiative at the line-up stage, and then just reach out to their rivals at the expense of a huge diversion.

  • Our prediction: NewBee win

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