Dota 2 Streaming Sites

All of us, who have visited this page, undoubtedly love DOTA 2 and everything connected with it: professional matches at major tournaments, fun/training videos, highlights, jokes and streams. Just about the latter, we would like to talk to you in this article – after all, many not only watch streams, but also conduct their own, or plan to do this in the near future. Streaming is an integral part of this type of eSports, which is already world-acclaimed, and a lot of people have an incredible desire to watch the most interesting matches in live mode. 

Why should I watch DOTA 2 stream?

DOTA 2 is a spectacle that combines the best features of popular sports. In addition, of course, the aesthetics of the human body, but if you have read up to this point, then the sport for you does not end there. Have you ever heard the disputes of fans of different sports about whose look is better? For American fans, for example, the soccer seems boring and unbalanced: a beautiful pass game and a lot of created moments do not affect the final result in any way, and the victory can go to the team that scored a single goal from a clumsy corner. On the other hand, football fans are ready to compare the sensations of a decisive ball in the 90th minute with a bright orgasm, and conditional basketball with its three-digit scores – with a meaningless series of frictions.

In Dota 2, you need to increase your advantage throughout the match, but the price of an error is growing every minute . The killed opponent does not completely disappear from the game, but is forced to spend time reviving (an analogue of the penalty box). During the match, players gain levels and the time for rebirth increases: thus, the price of killing by the end of the game also increases.

Dota – this is like football, where after cutting passes and hitting the crossbar, the opponent’s goal would increase in size. Dota is a basketball, where for getting in the 4th quarter would give 4 and 6 points.

Dota 2 is usually compared with chess, but in fact, the sensations that this game evokes are much closer to traditional sports. Why is that? This is a team game with a clear distribution of roles. It has its own defenders, playmakers and forwards; players here play combinations, pull out on individual actions, take the role of a workhorse, pull the blanket over themselves; teams – surprise, comeback, fail. The potential for standard sports storylines is fully present.

How to watch DOTA 2?

First of all, we should mention, that DOTA 2 is highly popular in all the world, many people are interested in watching matches online. 

Nowadays, this is quite simple to spectate a particular DOTA 2 battle via the Internet. Today many platforms exist, that provide everyone from every corner of our planet with a possibility to watch DOTA 2 in a real time. The only point is to find a free streaming service. The best DOTA 2 streaming platforms are Major League Gaming, Twitch and YouTube Gaming. We advise you to watch the matches with the use of these services.

The best streaming services to watch DOTA 2

  • Valve official channel –

Valve (the company that created DOTA 2) opened their channel on Twitch – the biggest game streaming platform – for DOTA 2 fans to have a simple access to watch the International. The International is DOTA 2 tournament only for the best players of the world. This is like FIFA World Cup for those, who love football.


In addition to the previous point, Valve officially unveiled the streaming platform. Currently, the site broadcasts only the games of the annual 2018 Dota 2 International Championship, which is taking place these days in Vancouver.

The launch of its own streaming service will allow Valve to compete with the flagship of game broadcasts in the person of Twitch, which leads in the number of spectators of Dota 2 tournaments among all stream platforms. 

E-sports streams have become a new form of entertainment media that rivals the popularity of broadcasts of traditional sports. According to the Newzoo analytic company, in 2018, the global audience of e-sports stream viewers will reach 380 million people.

  • Electronic Sports League Official Channel –

Electronic Sports League broadcasts many major DOTA 2 tournaments, that take place in Europe and not only via their official channel on Twitch. You are able to watch the game, when this is happening.

At the moment, this channel accounts for more than 1.6 million subscribers and almost 135 million views. The numbers are amazing.

  • DOTA 2 Official channel on Youtube

Valve company also uploads all the International tournaments and not only on YouTube. The official DOTA 2 channel has more than 700 thousand subscribers. This streaming method will be suitable for YouTube video lovers, since they are able to watch their favourite game streams in the most convenient format. 

Youtube channel will also be useful, if you look for any updates, since this is packed with many interesting and important videos for you to stay tuned. 

What can be beautiful in Dota 2?

Yes, Dota has analogues of feints, beautiful programs, counterattacks – all that makes viewers lose their voice and beat their palms.

  • AoE

AoE stands for area of ​​effect. Some abilities can be applied to the area, and the effect will work on all the heroes of the enemy who are in it. The bottom line is that the Dota 2 card is gigantic, and there are not many narrow passages. Good teams competently hold their positions and it’s very difficult to hook players who are far from each other with one ability.

Many concurrent AoE abilities are ultimates – especially strong abilities that look (and, in fact, are) unbalanced. In the presence of – black holes, the birth of a supernova, a dome that stops time, a starfall, earthquakes and many more bright and deadly abilities. This is one of the main points of Dota: when all the heroes are unbalanced, a balance is achieved.

AoE ultimates perfectly complement each other, and a strategy with a focus on the ability of mass destruction has been known since DotA Allstars and everyone likes it.

  • Splitpush

And here it is already debatable: many fans of Dota splitpush sincerely hate. This is a strategy, the meaning of which is to avoid a direct collision. Instead of getting together and accepting a fair 5 to 5 fight, one of the teams sends heroes along one or several lines at once, while their allies distract the enemy and try to prevent him from returning to defend the base. Thanks to this strategy, Dota can be defeated even with a huge lag in killing and overall value.

The closest analogue will be just the counterattack in football: if the enemy loses concentration for a second, then the mobile heroes are already breaking his base. Domination during the match and control of the map may not bring victory: after all, the main goal of Dota remains the destruction of enemy buildings.

  • Juking (from juking move – a deceitful maneuver)

An additional depth of gameplay gives the interactive landscape. If you leave the direct line of sight of the enemy, hiding behind a tree, then he will completely lose sight of you; this can be achieved by climbing a hill. In case of danger, a nearby forest can be a salvation: you just need to know all the paths, otherwise there is a great risk of getting into a dead end and being trapped by an enemy.

The forest near the towers is especially suitable for playing hide and seek: if the enemy rushes to look for you, he will receive powerful shots in the back.

  • Rapier

In Dota, all acquired artifacts after death remain with the hero. Except one – Divine Rapier. The rapier is very expensive, gives an increase of +330 damage (for comparison, the nearest pursuer among artifacts has +80) and remains at the player’s death site, where both allies and enemies can pick it up. In the second case, a gigantic difference of 12 thousand of total value is formed (the support heroes sometimes do not have so much even by the end of the match).

Therefore, rapiers are bought only when there is nothing left to lose, and you need to go all-in – in fact, this is a direct analogue of replacing a goalkeeper with a field player in hockey. However, the Dota story knows exceptions. In this match, XBOCT, already familiar to us, decided to acquire Rapira when his team played on equal terms with the enemy. And after a while – one more.

  • Throne exchange or base race

To defeat Dota, you need to break the enemy throne. But what if both sides got to the thrones at the same time? Such moments are incredibly rare, and it is impossible to predict their outcome. Here, Dota already resembles a sprint or Formula 1: the score goes by seconds, fans nibble their fingers from excitement, the health strips of both thrones are rapidly falling.