Since the tennis match Donna Vekic – Alize Cornet will be held on January 22, 2020, every day there is more and more excitement around him. The only in-person meeting took place four years ago, and then it showed that Donna Vekic at that time was much stronger than Alize Cornet.

Bet and win

Donna Vekic

So far, Donna Vekic does not demonstrate good physical shape but passes every round solely on her character and thanks to her rich experience. Even at the first stage, everything could end in defeat, when the first two sets were lost, but then it turned out to get together and win the other three. In subsequent matches, it was not easier, so we can definitely conclude that Donna Vekic is not in the best condition. Most likely, the reason lies in the recent knee injury, which forced to leave the court for a long time. Judging by last year, there was an equally weak start, but then progress began, so there is hope that further Donna Vekic will play more and more and still be able to please the fans with stability. After all, all previous tournaments have ended in the early stages, although the opponents were not the most difficult. In addition, Donna Vekic plays pretty well on this coverage.

Alize Cornet

The start of the season was completely failed, so now Alize Cornet has little game practice. Only three matches were played, all of which ended in defeat, and only one managed to win one set. It was in a game with opponents who are significantly lower in the ranking of world tennis. So, even though last year at this tournament we managed to get into the quarter-finals, it will be a surprise if this time at least we can overcome the qualification matches. Alize Cornet demonstrates an extremely weak level because there is no such aspect of the game in which there would be no problems. And with the filing, problems began, and the reception worsened, so that the marriage is visible around. Alize Cornet does not feel the backline, and cannot close the area near the net simply because of poor speed. What happened in the offseason is not clear, so it is hoped that with an increase in playing practice the situation will improve so that Alize Cornet will not look so hopeless in all matches.

Donna Vekic vs Alize Cornet Prediction

From the start of the current tennis season, Donna Vekic and Alize Cornet began to demonstrate an excellent level of training, which resulted in a large number of victories and won trophies. Against the background of the fact that a number of athletes still cannot boast of good shape, showing torn results, our rivals are trying to win as many matches as possible in order to improve their positions in the ranking. Recall that for the victory in the current tournament, tennis players will receive enough points to further increase in the ranking and the results that Donna Vekic and Alize Cornet show at this tournament indicate that the rivals are not going to slow down, and their main goal here is taking a trophy.

That is why the match of these rivals attracted the attention of tennis fans, and our analysts also decided to share their predictions for this match. Since Donna Vekic and Alize Cornet already had several in-person matches this season, which took place in a tense struggle, our analysts are confident that the excellent form and excellent level of preparation should help ensure that this match between the rivals should be no less spectacular than previous matches. The cover of the tournament also has a long game, since Donna Vekic and Alize Cornet act on the pitch, so we do not exclude a tight fight in each set, which undoubtedly will appeal to fans of tennis.