On May 10, 2020, the VyStar Veterans Memorial arena in Florida (Jacksonville, USA) will host the UFC 249 tournament, which will consist of 12 fights. One of the fights of the evening will be a rematch between the once top-end lightweights – Donald Cerrone and Anthony Pettis. Back in 2013, Pettis knocked out Cerrone in 2.5 minutes.

At what time Cerrone and Pettis fight?
The fight time is May 10, 2020, at 5:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+

How many wins and losses Cerrone have?
Donald Cerrone has 36 wins and 14 losses.

How many wins and losses Pettis have?
Anthony Pettis has 22 wins and 10 losses.

Statistics and physical data

  Greg Hardy Yorgan De Castro
Age 37 33
Weight 170.0 lbs (77.1 kgs) 155.5 lbs (70.5 kgs)
Height 6’1″ (185cm) 5’10” (177cm)
Arm span 73.0″ (185cm) 72.5″ (184cm)
Number of fights 40 32
Wins 36 22
Defeat 14 10 

Donald Cerrone

Cerrone ranks sixth in the lightweight rating, despite three consecutive defeats. The fact is that Donald was inferior to more rated fighters in the person of Justin Gatgey, Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor. However, it cannot be denied that the Cowboy is in serious decline. This is not surprising, given that the ex-applicant for the UFC title is already 37 years old.

Cerrone was exhausted by heavy battles with the top counterpart. Donald never took 8-10 weeks to prepare, and often went to the duel on a short notice. Moreover, if an ordinary lightweight from the top 10 fights no more than two times a year, then we can see the “Cowboy” in the octagon up to four times. As a result: 51 match, 36 wins, 14 losses, 1 “know contest”.

Donald has a good sense of distance, but does not like to be actively pressed. Cerrone is good at a long distance, from where he breaks long straight lines and connects haikiki to them. Also, the American fights well and submits 17 opponents. Growth “Cowboy” 183 cm with a span of 185 cm (good enough anthropometry for lightweight).

Anthony Pettis

The 33-year-old Pettis had similar problems – motivation was gone. Anthony is preparing to return to its previous form, but each time it only worsens its position. Who would have thought five years ago that one of the most popular and spectacular fighters of the roster will leave the top 15 of the division in which he owned the champion title.

However, the former UFC champion cannot be written off for at least two reasons: experience and skills. Pettis has explosive power and makes excellent use of taekwondo kicks. Anthony also has grappling skills, although this is more likely a weakness of the American. Pettis has some problems with endurance, which is why he loses punch after two rounds.

The ex-champion spent 32 matches and won 22 victories. In his best years, Anthony defeated Benson Henderson, Gilbert Melendez, Jeremy Stevens and other famous fighters. In recent years, Pettis loses to all the more or less strong opponents. But here there is an exception – in 2019, the American sensationally knocked out the big welterweight Stephen Thompson.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Cerrrone is higher
  • Cerrone won 2 last fights in a row
  • Petits represents Roufusport MMA Academy

Cerrone vs Pettis Prediction

Bookmakers are considered a small favorite of revenge Anthony Pettis. You can bet on the victory of the former UFC champion with a quote from 1.71 to 1.84. The final success of Donald Cerrone is estimated by bookmakers with a coefficient from 2.06 to 2.10. It is curious that Cerrone was originally a favorite. However, the current situation is not surprising, because Anthony has already won against Donald, albeit a long time ago.

This time, Pettis will win again if he approaches the battle in good shape. At the same time, one should not expect a quick end to the fight, because Anthony has lost much more than Donald over these 7 years. Both are not easily fit into the limit of light weight, so it is unlikely to amaze stamina. It is possible that the loser will end his sports career or take a long pause.

  • Our prediction: Donald Cerrone Will Win.

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