On April 1, 2020 at 18:00 UTC as part of the main stage of the tournament Flashpoint 1 Season on Counter-Strike : Global Offensive there will be a match between teams Orgless (Canada) and Dignitas (Sweden).


The Orgless team ranks 65th in the CS:GO team ranking, which is 11 points lower than the 54th position of the DIG. The total percentage of wins for Orgless is 71.43%. The current Orgless string is 2 defeats.


Total Dignitas wins at 47.44%. The Orgless team has more efficient players. In the upcoming match Richard (Xizt) Landström Patrik (f0rest) Lindberg Christopher (GeT_RiGhT) Alesund Adam (friberg) Friberg Haakon (Hallzerk) Fjaerli. The current DIG strip is 3 defeats.

It is known that Orgless beats the teams that Dignitas could not cope with more often .

Betting Statistics

  • The teams met twice. Each has a win and a defeat
  • Type of match Best of 3
  • Most likely mast will be on Nuke,Inferno,Train cards. Dignitas has a better chance of winning on these cards.

Mousesports vs Tyloo Prediction

The winner of this game with a 54.58% probability will be Orgless.

  • Our prediction: Orgless will win

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