Dignitas will meet with Gen.G on March 28 at the Flashpoint tournament, and we will try to give an accurate prediction for this event. Will the Americans be able to fight?


Dignitas are located on the 41st line of the rating, but they probably play much better. So far, the Guardian is playing a substitute in the hallzerk place, and the team is not doing well with him.

So, the European mix defeated Orgless (2:1), and then was defeated by Cloud9 (0:2) and Canadians – 1:2. At the same time, in the last match, f0rest and the company won the first map, but then they devastatedly lost to Mirage and Inferno.


Gen.G are also not in good form and lost two games in a row. However, unlike their rival, they cannot refer to the fact that they have a replacement in the squad. The Americans at first lost Chaos (0:2), and then with the same score failed to MIBR.

This is worth noting, that they play well on the Train and Mirage maps, where they have 80 and 50 percent win rates, respectively. By the way, the best player is the Indonesian BnTeT, with a rating of 1.22.

Betting Statistics

  • Teams have not met before.
  • Dignitas lost two games in a row.
  • Gen.G occupy the 15th line of the world rating.

Dignitas vs Gen.G Prediction

In our opinion, due to the fact that Dignitas are currently playing with a replacement in the squad, they cannot demonstrate their best game. Gen.G spend their fights on almost all cards, so they will have an advantage in peak. In addition, Dignitas lost two consecutive fights. Then, we predict that Gen.G will win.

Dignitas vs Gen.G live stream