At 185 pounds, the UFC has enough interesting personalities and one of them is Deron Winn, the lowest average weighted promotion, both today and all time. Arriving at the organization as an unbeaten fighter, he replenished his asset with another win, but then was defeated in the battle against Darren Stewart. The fighter got a chance for rehabilitation, but it will not be so easy to use it, because the experienced Gerald Meerschaert will become his new opponent. The meeting will take place on March 7 as part of the undercard of the UFC 248 event.

At what time Deron Winn vs Gerald Meerschaert fight?
The fight time is March 7, 2020, at 10:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+

How many wins and losses Deron Winn have?
Deron Winn has 6 wins and 1 losses.

How many wins and losses Gerald Meerschaert have?
Gerald Meerschaert has 28 wins and 12 loss.

Statistics and physical data

Gerald Meerschaert Deron Winn
Weight83 kg83 kg
Height185 cm168 cm
Arm span197 cm180 cm
Number of fights407
Wins28 (27 early)6 (4 early)
Defeat12 (9 early)1 (0 early)

The last performances of the athletes took place in October last year with a difference of a week and did not entail serious damage that could affect their face-to-face confrontation. There are no questions about the preparation of the fighters – officially the fight was announced almost a month and a half ago, which they received for the passage of the camp.

Deron Winn

The fighter is training in the hall of the American Kickboxing Academy. At the base – a wrestler, performed within the framework of the 1st division of the NCAA, three times All-American, took 4th place in the qualification for the Olympic Games. In his speeches, he uses both striking and wrestling skills, but, of course, best shows his capabilities on the ground.

Having a solid experience in the wrestling field, Winn decided to pass the fans and three years ago started in professional mixed martial arts. He completed the first 4 fights, among others under the auspices of such promotions as LFA and Bellator, in the first rounds, but then his opposition definitely left much to be desired.

Subsequently, the prospectus marked a duel at the Liddell vs. Tournament Ortiz 3, where he met with former UFC fighter in the person of Tom Lawlor. Having defeated him by unanimous decision, the American ended up in the best organization in the world. In the first fight, under the sign of the UFC, Deron got in the counterpart Eric Spicely, who came out on short notice and was replayed unanimously on points. The second and final fight of the avenue in the promotion took place against Darren Stewart and ended in his defeat by a split decision.

Gerald Meerschaert

Fighter training takes place at Roufusport Camps and Agallar Combative Systems. Previously, he practiced taekwondo, now practicing kickboxing. It can work effectively in the rack, but being the base grappler with a black belt on the BZH, he prefers to perform in the stalls, where, regardless of the situation, he tries to submit his opponent.

Having won the first fight as an amateur, Meerschaert moved to professionals. Over the first 6 years of his career, the American, despite playing in second-rate tournaments, has collected an inconspicuous record of 16-7. Of the fighters, he defeated then, only Shane Kruchten, Ron Faircloth, and Sam Alvey were of interest, while he suffered defeats both from very weak and not so bad counterparts, such as Kenny Robertson and Anthony Lapsley.

After that, Gerald gave out a segment of 10 fights, which he completed with statistics 9-1 and a win by taking over Chase Waldon in the title fight from the RFA organization that became his lucky ticket to the UFC. The only defeat at that stage he suffered from Sam Alvey, who took revenge on him with a total.

The record of a fighter under the sign of promotion is 5-4. By tricks, he defeated Joe Gigliotti, Ryan Janes, Oscar Infantry and Trevin Giles, and also knocked out the finish line in a fight against Eric Spicely. Meerschaert suffered setbacks with TKO and submission from Thiago Santos and Jack Hermansson, respectively, split from Kevin Holland and the same method from Eric Anders, through whose efforts, in an extreme fight, he returned to only the interrupted streak of defeats.

Deron Winn vs Gerald Meerschaert Prediction

Probably, here we are expecting a repetition of the duel of Deron against Spicey, where the first one preferred to work in the rack, did not want to go through the opponent’s guard and generally work with him on the ground because of his zero BJ. For such a short period, you can’t pump so well in grappling, while Gerald himself is much more dangerous than Eric, he always agrees to lie on his back and can easily submit vis-a-vis.

At the same time, Wynn’s work in the stalls is not impressive – a minimum of activity and a maximum of control, which today is considered the last. In the rack, Meerschaert has an advantage in growth and reach by 17 and 19 centimeters, respectively. It is more durable and technical, due to the background in taekwondo it has in its arsenal a variety of punches, both with arms and legs, more precisely and better in defense.

His opponent sometimes breaks low kicks and the rest of the time he works only with his hands – predictably and almost without combinations, throwing single bombs. We won’t be surprised if Gerald, who loves to impose his style, will drag Deron to the ground, however, he should interrupt him on his feet.

  • Our prediction: Gerald Meerschaert Will Win.

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