Deontay Wilder - Tyson Fury: odds and bets on rematch February 23, 2020
Tyson FuryDraw Deontay Wilder

Method of victory odds

  • Deontay Wilder KO, TKO or Disqualification – 2.50
  • Deontay Wilder Decision or Technical Decision – 6.50
  • Tyson Fury KO, TKO or Disqualification – 6.00
  • Tyson Fury Decision or Technical Decision – 2.40
  • Draw or Technical Draw – 21.00

The WBC Alliance Heavyweight Boxing Championships are set to take place in Las Vegas at the Grand Garden Arena on February 23. Deontay Wilder of the United States and Tyson Fury of the United Kingdom face off in a big match. The match is the latest match between the men in December 2018, which ended in a draw. Wilder defends his World Cup title against Fury.

World Champion Wilder’s previous match is still being talked about. Cuban Luiz Ortiz, knocked down by Wilder’s claws, was able to experience Wilder’s right-hand straight in 7th, which led to Ortiz’s canvas, and thus Wilder’s career 42nd win was marked as pure knockout. The man has up to 41 knockout matches. In the first 6 rounds, Wilder was slightly down and under. However, this time around, the lame and tactically clever, indestructible world champion was clear.

Fury, as an undefeated competitor, is also a predetermined favorite among bookmakers. There have been 28 pro-man matches, including 19 knockout victories. In the latest match between Wilder and Fury, Fury hit the floor twice.

Tyson Fury entered the ring in 2015 against Ukrainian division leader Volodymyr Klitschko and unexpectedly defeated him on points. The Briton was so pleased with the triumph that he went all out: alcohol, drugs, junk food. Gaining extra pounds and losing motivation, Fury disappeared from sight for three years.

During a downtime, Tyson’s weight exceeded 165 kg. Already no one hoped that a talented heavyweight would return to the ring. However, in June 2018, Fury held a warm-up match with Sefer Seferi, and two months later beat Francesco Pianeta. The Briton showed the same speed and reaction, but experts did not think that he would dare to challenge Deontay Wilder.

The meeting of Fury and the American puncher took place in December 2018. Contrary to forecasts, the Briton confidently boxed Wilder from a distance, but at the end of the battle he relaxed and was knocked down twice. According to the estimates of independent experts, even taking into account the falls, Tyson won the fight, but the judges counted a draw that would suit Deontay, who retained the WBC title.

Deontay Wilder

Wilder is a puncher to the core, has a record of 42-0-1 (41KO). The athlete himself admits that he is specially inferior to the opponents rounds in order to get extra time to find the opponent’s weak spot. Deontay’s terrible blows are able to put out the light to anyone and Tyson was very lucky last time that he was able to get up and continue the fight.

Tyson Fury

Fury is a fighter of a completely different nature, he has a record of 29-0-1 (20KO) and relies on equipment, footwork and tactical tricks. There are also many knockouts in his career, but Tyson is trying to achieve the best result for himself in any way. By and large, the last fight with Wilder he led until the 9th round, when he put himself in a difficult position, being on the floor.

Tyson vs Wilder: best rematch odds

Both heavyweights fought two intermediate fights. Tyson Fury took the path of least resistance, beating the German public Tom Schwartz and Swede Otto Wallin for the amusement of the American public. With the second, Fury had some problems due to a strong cut.

Wilder brutally knocked out Dominique Brisil, and then no less colorfully persuaded Louis Ortiz. The 34-year-old’s track record has reached 42-0-1. However, the bookies were not impressed, and Deontay opened the underdog before the second fight. So much the better for fans of the Bronze Bomber, who can increase the delivered amount by more than 2 times.

The 31-year-old British heavyweight is a favorite. Tyson showed that even after a long period of inactivity, his equipment was significantly better than Wilder’s. However, the American is not famous for his ability to box. Before the bright knockout, Deontay had been losing outright revenge to Louis Ortiz, but one hit decided everything. Fury has a good chance of taking away the world champion belt from the American if he stops “fooling around” for the public.

Wilder does not hide the fact that he deliberately gives rounds to his rivals, in order to then catch and knock them out. Deontay is not only the scariest puncher of our time, but also one of the worst in the history of boxing. The American needs only one hit to “turn off the light” to the opponent. The champion has 41 knockouts. Last time, Wilder sent Fury twice to the ring floor, but he was able to get up.

But Fury is not a puncher, despite 115 kg of combat weight. The Briton focuses on speed, footwork and, oddly enough, the game in public. Tyson confidently controls the progress of the fight and practically does not miss clean punches (unless, of course, he received a cut, as in the last fight). Fury’s defense is the best in heavyweights, so it’s hard for Wilder to convey his punches. This time, Tyson will again try to kill the American on points.

An interesting bet is offered by bookmakers for Wilder fans. An American, as a rule, starts a fight slowly and practically does not connect his right hand. Exceptions are battles against obviously weak opponents, where Deontay includes the “mill mode” from the start. So, the Cuban techie Ortiz Bronze Bomber knocked out for the first time in the 10th round, and in the rematch – in the 7th. In a duel with the American, Fury also visited the floor in the second half of the meeting – in 9 and 12 rounds.

The first fight went the full distance and ended in a draw. However, I think the second fight will end early. Wilder understands that the 12-round meeting is very likely to bring the first loss in his career. Deontheus needs to use the chance of the puncher as quickly as possible to prevent Tyson from leaving the ring with the champion. At the same time, the Briton, despite his high intellect, likes to show off in front of the public. Perhaps Fury at times will try to apply force punch on the American. Let’s not forget that Tyson is a heavyweight with 20 knockouts behind him.

Tyson vs Wilder Prediction

When making a prediction for an upcoming event, you need to choose between a good technical boxer and a puncher, of course, this fight can end as you like. We venture to put on Wilder, who has in the arsenal of fantastic power strikes. He did not manage to knock out Fury last time, but was close to this, and now he will receive 12 more rounds to implement his plan.

We must be aware that if Deontay did not turn off the light for Tyson, he lost. Surely, Fury will again dominate, forcing the judges to earn him the coveted points.