London turns out to be the boxing Mecca on February 22. The local York Hall, built in 1929 holds another fight between a young British hope Dennis McCann and an experienced and hopeless Nicaraguan Pablo Narvaez. Will Pablo’s maturity help him to win against the teenager? – We are pleased to present you with our prediction.

At what time Dennis McCann and Pablo Narvaez fight?
The fight time is February 22, 2020, at 11:00 PM GMT.

Where to watch the fight?
Box Rec

How many wins and losses McCann have?
Dennis McCann has 5 wins and no losses.

How many wins and losses Narvaez have?
Pablo Narvaez has 9 wins and 19 losses and 7 draws.

Dennis McCann

Dennis was born in Maidstone, Kent, UK on Janyary 8, 2001. A little less than a year ago McCann began his promising career, defeating the Pole Kamil Jaworek with the technical knockout in the first round.

In fact in a total of 5 bouts in the Bantham division Dennis knocked 4 opponents out. What a stunning start of the career!

Let us judge on the age of his rivals and their experience:
Kamil Jaworek, 27 years at the moment of the fight, 20 bouts fought;
Jerson Larios, 23 years, 14 bouts;
Georgi Andonov, 35 years, 22 bouts;
Georgi Georgiev 26 years, 26 bouts,
Stefan Slavchev, 36 years, 49 bouts (!!!).

Dennis McCann, “The Menace”, southpaw stance. Remember that name, perhaps we witness the history changing sportsman

Pablo Narvaez

Pablo “El Capitan” Narvaez, born in Nicaragua residences in Girona, Catalonia, Spain. Pablo posesses a fat experience although not a successfull one. In 25 fights Narvaez managed to win 9 times with only 1 KO, been knoked out 6 times himself. He fights in an orthodox stance.

El Capitan began his career on 28 July 2012 winning against his countryman Ulises Carvajal. Since then, performing in super bentham weight Narvaez didn’t gain much eminence. Perhaps in the upcoming match he would put himself together and improve his statistics against the unexperienced young boxer.

McCann vs Narvaez Prediction

The Menace McCann has a destructive punch. The young British has also the support from the local fans who would donate an psychological foothold to the success of their young hope. There are not much arguments why should the Latin American win. He posesses not much energy and ambitions. Only experience can give him an advantage but will he use it? We don’t think so, the arguments against are more solid

We predict a victory of Dennis McCann.

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