Declan Rice wants to see that a crackdown on social networking misuse after he received threats to England in the Republic of Ireland.
The West Ham midfielder says he had been subjected to taunts by several Irish fans who branded him”Judas” after his switch from February.
Having represented the team and won three senior caps, the 20-year-old declared his focus to switch to the nation of his 30, before this year.
Rice considers action needs to be taken to deal with the abuse he and the others receive via media.
“Yeah I’ve had a few bad bits, I’ve had people saying they’re going to come to my house… yeah on line,” he told ITV News. “There’s a few bits I could enter but I really don’t have to go to it, threats to my family, risks to me.
“You click on their profile and they’d just be like a bogus profile so [you] don’t know whether it’s accurate or not.
“We’re in 2019 and it’s occurring week in week out, it’s not good enough, but we will need to stamp our authority ”
England boss Gareth Southgate praised Rice – who’s in the Euro 2020 qualifier against Kosovo in line for his fifth cap for England – for the way.
Southgate explained:”Once I spoke with Declan concerning the chance of him moving association around, I was quite aware that this was some thing which could happen.
“This is the reason why I wished to tread quite carefully, to ensure his family had the time that they had to earn a choice.
“I never pushedbecause I suspected this would be a part of the effects of that. I think he’s dealt with everything maturely.
“He just wants to concentrate on his football and I think he has been an extremely outstanding addition to our team, in terms of his talent but also his attitude and personality.”

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