This season began for Yastremska in an incredible way. After all, already in the second tournament, the Ukrainian managed to get to the finals, where on their way they easily covered such rivals as Kerber, Sabalenka. That’s just a further decline, which continues to this day.

At what time are Dayana Yastremska vs Kirsten Flipkens to play?
The game time is February 24, 2020, at 17:00 (GMT+3).

What are the players’ positions in WTA rankings?
Dayana Yastremska takes the 25th position and Kirsten Flipkens takes the 78th position in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Dayana Yastremska have?
Dayana Yastremska has won 74.2% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Kirsten Flipkens have?
Kirsten Flipkens has won 62.5% of the games as a favorite.

Dayana Yastremska

Yastremska is a uniquely talented tennis player, who may well in a few years lay claim to leadership on the tour. That’s just a Ukrainian woman who needs to work on many game aspects. Indeed, at the moment, Dayana in her game focuses solely on attacking potential.

That is, from any position she is only trying to attack and constantly give to rivals. When the blows do not pass, then she does not even try to change something, but only continues to bend her line and hopes for luck. It is for this reason that the Ukrainian can not add in terms of stability.

Kirsten Flipkens

The best years of Flipkens are far behind because now she is already over 30. Due to constant health problems and age, the Belgian noticeably slowed down in many game aspects. It is not only about speed, but also about the power of the blow.

Especially there were changes in the pitch because before, she used to serve and volley style at the expense of the first ball, and now she can’t afford it. In the draws, Kirsten acts in a variety of ways, because he keeps the ball in court for a long time due to different shots, and then at the first opportunity goes to attacking actions and runs out to the net.

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  • The girls played among themselves a few months ago. Then Kirsten Flipkens managed to gain sensational wins.

Dayana Yastremska vs Kirsten Flipkens Predictions

Yastremska perfectly remembers the offensive defeat that Flipkens inflicted on her. Therefore, there is no doubt that the Ukrainian will play to the maximum. In addition, it is difficult to talk about any prospects if at such a larger tournament Dayana will fly out in the first round from Kirsten. So Yastremska will take revenge.

  • Our prediction: Dayana Yastremska Will Win.

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