Dayana Yastremska

On January 17 2020 Dayana Yastremska and Aryna Sabalenka faced each other in a match from WTA Adelaide. 

Dayana Yastremska

Three convincing victories on the way to the semifinal of the tournament in Adelaide were won by Dayana Yastremska. Not allowed the rivals to take even a set on the tournament grid. Such a tournament path performed by a Ukrainian tennis player is impressive. Explicitly played out in comparison with the first tournament of the season in Brisbane, when Bertens already lost at the start (4-6, 6-1, 3-6). In the opening match, Dayana defeated Babosh (7-5, 6-3). Then the opponent could not oppose Yastremska at the reception, taking only 26% of the points. In the second round, there was a victory at the removal of Kerber during the second installment. In the quarterfinals, Vekic already could not do anything with the presentation of the Ukrainian. Only one break point was for the match with the representative of Croatia. Obviously, Yastremska will also emphasize against Arina on the reliability of the pitch and on the desire to complete the rallies in 2-3 hits. The current form allows the Dayans to do this, which was noticeably most pronounced in the match against Vekic.

Aryna Sabalenka

The 12th racket of the world Aryna Sabalenka also did not play very well at the first tournament of the season. Last week in Shenzhen lost in the second round to Kristyna Pliskova (4-6, 4-6). In Adelaide, Arina had three victories, and it was not too easy for the tennis player in each of the matches. With difficulty she pulled out a victory at the start of the game against Xe Su-Wei, inconvenient for herself (5-7, 6-1, 7-5). In the second round, she worked unevenly and unstably in the first set in the game with Pera (7-6, 6-2). In the forecast for the quarter finals of Sabalenka – Halep, we noted that Arina may have difficulties in her pitch. Indeed, far from everything Sabalenka did on his serve, but at the reception she simply shot Simone (6-4, 6-2). Against Yastremska we do not expect that it will be just as easy for Arina to play at the reception. Dayana during the tournament did not seriously doubt the reliability of the game on its pitch.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • In two personal meetings, the victories went to Yastremska
  • According to the tournament bracket Adelaide Yastremska did not give a single set to rivals
  • For three matches in Adelaide, Yastremska only twice gave her pitch to rivals

Dayana Yastremska vs Aryna Sabalenka Game Prediction

Dayana Yastremska has the advantage in personal meetings. It was possible to defeat Arina in the hall and on the ground. Now, during the tournament in Adelaide, the Ukrainian tennis player gained a good shape, acts convincingly and reliably on her serve, which could be a key moment in the match between two tennis players who preach aggressive tennis.

Our prediction – Dayana Yastremska to win