It will be possible to make pre-match bets on tennis confrontation Danielle Collins – Yulia Putintseva until the start of the game, and the odds may change. Participants of the match are now training hard, dedicating every day to preparing for the game, because it is scheduled for January 22nd, 2020. Few people can give a prediction for this match, given the fact that before Danielle Collins and Yulia Putintseva have never met on a tennis court.

Bet and win

Danielle Collins

This season, Danielle Collins shows a much better shape than in the past, although that year he managed to reach the finals in this tournament. Now is an earlier stage, so that no one doubts that Danielle Collins will be able to go further. Moreover, the previous two tournaments managed to go far, and the elimination was caused by defeats from the main contenders for the victory. Yes, Danielle Collins does not yet have enough experience, since only three years have been involved in tennis. But, on the other hand, Danielle Collins has a tremendous supply of energy, allowing even five exhausting sets to run off the court at a high pace. As for this tournament, it is clear that Danielle Collins does not play at full strength and saves energy, as there were opponents who did not have to put all their trumps to defeat. Danielle Collins loves hard with his quick play so that again he will be able to please his fans.

Yulia Putintseva

Yulia Putintseva is too hot-tempered, which does not allow him to act stably on the court. In this match, you will again have to give vent to your emotions, as the opponent will have a serious, even better footwork. But, on the other hand, Yulia Putintseva confidently acts on the backline, so that shows a good level in the exchange of blows. Yulia Putintseva knows how to play in the hall on a hard surface, because if you take the last season, then there were seven such fights, of which six ended in victories. Yulia Putintseva has a powerful serve, and although it does not differ in speed on the court, it demonstrates the constant variability of shots, so it is extremely difficult to predict the direction of the ball. Yulia Putintseva has no problems with motivation because although the tournament is not very significant, it is necessary to go as far as possible so as not to lose rating points.

Danielle Collins vs Yulia Putintseva Prediction

Everything is ready for the start of the match, the main characters of which will be Danielle Collins and Yulia Putintseva. Athletes are well known for tennis lovers, as they always take part in major tournaments in which they manage to get to the final and final stages, delighting fans of this sport with a bright and spectacular game. In the first rounds of the tournament, the rivals easily overcame the resistance of their counterparts, which allowed them to secure their participation in this match. However, today’s confrontation will not be so easy, as the rivals are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their counterparts, so they trained to play in the style most uncomfortable for the opponent. Our experts suggest that athletes are quite capable of demonstrating something new, changing their usual style of play, which will allow them to count on success in this match. Of great importance for success will be the psychological attitude.

Although judging by the results of the current season, athletes have no problems with this, they understand the significance of victories in such a large tournament, therefore they try to surpass their rivals not only in technology but also in psychology, and when these two factors are combined together, the athlete is practically unbeatable. Many believe that the factor of face-to-face confrontations has its own significance on the result since psychologically it can put pressure on rivals. We believe that if the coverage of the tournament and the current form of the athlete coincide, then even an advantage in past confrontations will not be able to guarantee the opponent’s victory.

Our prediction Danielle Collins will win.