Wales director Ryan Giggs states Daniel James’ development will help ease the strain on superstar Gareth Bale.
Wales take on Azerbaijan at Cardiff City Stadiumhaving lost their last two games of the effort from Croatia and Hungary
James has scored three goals within four Premier League matches since his move to Manchester United from Swansea the summertime, although Bale scored twice Villarreal for Real Madrid on Sunday.
Giggs is expecting James’ early-season form can help take the load off Wales’ all-time record goalscorer heading.
“They are both playing and are in great shape, both are still scoring. I believe that they are looking forward to being involved in the match,” he said.
“Dan has got off to a wonderful start to his Manchester United career but he has been great for us in the past couple of matches – particularly during the summer under tough circumstances.
“It’s not only about Gareth. Clearly with what the capabilities he’s got have been achieved, by Gareth, spotlight and the pressure is on him.
“I wish to draw that pressure off ourselves, we can not rely on him in every match. We have other art in the squad.”
After his first four appearances but Giggs insists he is not surprised by the speedy development of the winger at Old Trafford under Gunnar Solskjaer, james, 21, is United’s top scorer from the Premier League.
The former United players believes the management at United will help James match his whole potential whilst helping him keep his”toes on the ground”.
“I haven’t been amazed because he had a good pre-season, when you register for a new club that’s what you want,” he continued.
“He has played nearly every game and when you score, or come on and score, that provides you with a lift.
“It is irrelevant when you are in the world or what sort of skill you possess, confidence is everything, assurance builds. Most of us know about what he is capable of, and what he’s done especially over the last eight or nine weeks. He just gets better and better.
“He’s in the right club. Ole will look in the way, he’ll understand when to play him. So no, I am surprised. It is a club that loves wingers, they adore players running at defenders and stimulating the enthusiasts. I’m happy for him, he won’t get taken away, he’s that type of character.
“He is down to the earth and he’s at the perfect club about maintaining his feet on the floor .”

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