Recently, Kohlschreiber is clearly underestimated. After all, everyone is paying to his already very respectable age and rating position. However, the German, although he is not able to compete at a distance, can still catch courage and give battle to any opponent.

At what time does the Daniel Evans vs Philipp Kohlschreiber play?
The game time is February 10, 2020, at 07:50 PM CET.

What are player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Daniel Evans takes the 33rd positions and Philipp Kohlschreiber takes the 81st position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses do the Daniel Evans have?
Daniel Evans has won 63% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does the Philipp Kohlschreiber have?
Philipp Kohlschreiber has won 65% of the games as a favorite.

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Daniel Evans

When Evans is confident and in optimal shape, he can give battle to absolutely any opponent. Daniel has a balance in his game, since he can act as the first number during one rally, and if something does not work, then connect the cuts and go into the dead defense. In addition, the tennis player boasts a powerful serve, due to which he regularly collects light points.

With each successful lumbago and feed pass, the Briton runs out to the net, where he is able to handle even the most difficult shots in the legs.

Philipp Kohlschreiber

Kohlschreiber, although noticeably slowed down with age, he still holds on to the top 100 and competes in ATP tournaments. If a German decides to travel to Challengers, then there is no doubt that he will be able to score easy points there.

After all, Philipp masterfully knows how to read the game of opponents and act ahead of the curve. In addition, he still has in his arsenal a powerful pitch and a variable one-handed backhand, due to which he is able to play the game.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Tennis players met twice on the court. Score 1-1. It should be noted that each of the fights took place in a bitter struggle. Philipp Kohlschreiber managed to win the last meeting.
  • Philipp Kohlschreiber won the last eight of his eight matches.

Daniel Evans vs Philipp Kohlschreiber Predictions

Evans has also been performing well since the beginning of January. At the ATP Cape, he beat David Goffin and Alex de Minaur. In Adelaide reached the quarter-finals. Only in Melbourne, the Briton blundered, losing without a fight to Yoshihito Nishioka in the second round. Now Daniel is coming to Rotterdam. He definitely needs time to get used to the court after hot Australia.

This time should be used by Kohlschreiber to quickly pick up the starting game, and then having the psychological advantage to squeeze the Briton.

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