As part of the next round of the NBA regular season, Minnesota is hosting Dallas on its court. Both teams, especially in recent times, have been playing attacking and highly effective basketball, so once again they must play a riding match for the joy of the local public. Who will be luckier? – Our prediction is already here for you.

Mavericks vs Wolves Score Prediction: 124 : 117

MoneyLine Pick Against the Spread Pick Over Under Pick
Dallas Will Win Dallas -6.5 Point Spread Over 244 Game Total
Odds: -286
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Odds: -110
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Odds: -110
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Dallas Mavericks

Dallas is still fighting for better places in the playoffs than the team is now – 7th place is not the ceiling for a team with such potential. Now they have a difference of 36-24 and the 5th and 6th places are within an easy reach.

Dallas always plays more from attack, too, which they do very well, especially when the opponent has a similar style of play. Doncic restlessly stamps triple-dubbles, and Porzingis and Hardaway help him in every way to make the young talent manifest itself. Oncoming course with Minnesota Mavericks will be very comfortable to play.

The guests of this confrontation, despite the fact that they are the average in the standings in the last 10 away games won six wins, which can not be missed. And not every player in the playoff zone can boast of such indicators, it is obvious that the team of Rick Carlisle has a clear increase in the last month.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota, we can say, has already finished this season for itself, as it will not be possible to rise above the 14th place, where the team is now, with a difference of 17-41, so the players of the Wolves play for their own pleasure, filling up statistics. The game at Timberwolves is built exclusively from attack, the defense is absent, which is why in the last 5 meetings with their participation were recorded total of over 240 or even more.

The team does not show the highest levels this season, but from time to time Ryan Saunders’s players shoot quite loudly. Their last two victories in 10 games were against two of the strongest teams in the Western and Eastern Conferences. If in the middle and beginning of this season they won quite a lot at home, in the last 11 games we can see only one winning bout, which once again confirms the decline of this team.

Even Russell D’Angelo’s transition didn’t help the team much, because almost at the same time the leader Carl Anthony Towns was injured and Minnesota had to be rebuilt again. The situation is really difficult, but it seems that the “wolves” have already come to terms with their status of outsiders.

In excellent shape now is Russell, who has not yet begun to show his bad character, yet recently joined the team, so until now does not show off, also excellent perform Beasley with Hernangomez. So you can expect a bright game from them again.

Betting Tipps Statistics

  • In the last five head-to-head games, Dallas has celebrated victory three times.
  • This season, Minnesota won only seven home victories.
  • Mavericks are second in the Western conference on away victories.

Injuries reports

  • Dallas Mavericks: D. Powell, W. Cauley-Stein, J. Brunson, L. Doncic (?)
  • Minnesota Timberwolves: K. Towns

Mavericks vs Timberwolves Prediction

Both teams play fast, attacking basketball, which itself implies fast, short possessions, and as a result a large number of attacks. There are enough players on each side to solve underneath the opponent’s ring and from the arc, but there are a huge number of problems in defense, especially in Minnesota. Dallas, of course, looks better in the game on his half, but still not much emphasis on it, at least for now in the regular.

Our prediction: Dallas Mavericks will win.

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At what time do the teams play?
The game time is March 01, 2020, 3:30 PM ET

Where to watch the game?

What are the teams’ positions in the standings?
Dallas is the 7th team in the Western Conference and Minnesota is the 14th team in the Western Conference

How many wins and losses do the teams have?
The Mavericks have 36 wins and 24 losses. The Timberwolves have 17 wins and 41 loss