As part of the ESEA Open Season Championship, the D13 and HZ teams will meet on March 25 at 12 (UTC), for the duel of which our experts will make a prediction. Will the Singaporeans win?

D13 form

D13 are on the 132nd line in the world ranking and in early March they tried to pass the closed qualifiers for the Asian minor, but having defeated MVP.PK with a score of (2:0) in an equal fight in the decisive match they lost to TIGER – (1:2). At the same time, on the final map, Dust2, the Mongols scored (10:5), but gave their opponent won in extra time. By the way, the best player in statistics is sk0r, which has a rating of (1.18).

HZ form

HZ also participated in the closed qualifiers, but performed much worse than their opponent and flew out quickly enough. The team in the last match completely lost to BTRG, which are not even in the official HLTV ranking. Despite this, we note that Singaporeans are strong on Dust2 and Mirage cards, where they have 67% win rate. We also emphasize that Benkai is a strong player individually, currently having a rating of (1.20).

D13 vs HZ Prediction

We think that D13 is more likely to win in the upcoming meeting. First, they performed much better on Minor’s closed qualifications. Secondly, HZ is very unsuccessfully played on many cards, so the advantage in the map should be on the side of the Mongols.

D13 vs HZ live stream