Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Streaming Sites

In recent years, the eSports industry has shown impressive growth. According to Newzoo, the eSports audience is already larger than all traditional sports, with the exception of football. Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) attract millions of users worldwide. Today, about 400 million people are watching eSports, and according to predictions, this figure will increase by one and a half times by 2020, and the market will reach $130 billion.

One of the fastest growing eSports segments is broadcasting tournaments and games of individual gamers on the Internet (streaming). According to preliminary data, in 2017, streaming revenues increased almost one and a half times compared to the previous year and amounted to about $700 million. It’s expected that comparable growth rates will continue in the coming years, and by 2020 the market volume will exceed $1.5 billion.

CS: GO in eSport

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, like its predecessors Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source, is an eSports discipline. The largest and most prestigious tournaments are Major tournaments and Blast Premier tournaments. Major tournaments are held with the joint support of Valve and the company that holds the tournament. The first such tournament was DreamHack Winter 2013, which had a prize pool of $250K, and starting with MLG Columbus 2016, the prize pool began to be $1M. In 2019, 15 such tournaments were held. Another major event is the Blast Premier League, so at Blast Premier 2020 the total prize pool was $ 4,250M. There are also many other competitions, for example, IEM, ESL, Blast Pro Series, etc.

Where to stream CS: GO?

Every streaming platform that allows you to create game streams will gladly allow you to run CS: GO broadcasts. Well, they will let you stream CS: GO as long as your stream complies with the rules of the platform. Each of the main, large streaming platforms has its own code of conduct, which means that some things can be absolutely flawless on one platform, while they can differ on another. In general, being openly racist, sexist, or generally very offensive, you will most likely be reported and banned. Similarly, some type of content is not acceptable in any case.

You can use the largest and most popular streaming platforms like or Mixer, as well as more mixed platforms like YouTube. You can even go to Facebook CS: GO streaming and really have a dedicated audience. There are other platforms and services that allow CS: GO streaming, such as DLive, which is a blockchain-based streaming service, or various local social networks and streaming platforms that are only available in your country.

Most CS: GO tournaments are available for free online viewing through sites such as, and YouTube. Watching live broadcasts is free on all popular platforms, which allows ordinary users and fans to watch without input costs.


There are ESL several CS: GO Twitch channels where anyone can easily customize viewing and streaming the video on demand of past events. A lot of eSports organizers that host CS: GO events, broadcast their tournaments live on their own Twitch channels.

HD streams make Twitch one of  the main platform for watching eSports. Many of outdated videos that you can watch at any time, and you can chat with the eSports community by watching the broadcast without much effort. You can also be in touch with future broadcasts to not miss your favorite event.


Many eSports enthusiasts and enthusiasts collect CS: GO tournaments and upload them to YouTube. Thanks to convenient access to all devices, for new fans this is the easiest way to penetrate the world of CS: GO, available for viewing on the most popular video sharing site in the world.

Many popular tournament organizers and some others upload live events from time to time. But YT is best for uploading videos with exclusive interviews and comments, as well as old exclusive videos. Many well-known teams also upload their own videos to their own channels, which is a great place to watch backstage eSports content.


Facebook will become the main partner for the broadcast of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro League and other ESL One eSports events.

You can watch official CS: GO Pro League live streams on the most popular social platform. Watching the broadcast is possible even without registration. All streams are available for viewing in full resolution of 1080p and 60 frames per second, and you can even watch live broadcasts in virtual reality headset such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in the near future. Joint video features are also planned that will allow eSports fans to watch live streams with friends.

CS: GO Streaming on Betting Sites

Many modern betting sites offer their players to bet during the match. Some tournaments are held exclusively at betting houses and you canэt find them at other resources. Bookmakers also create their own tournaments in which popular teams from around the world take part.

It’s convenient to get all the necessary statistics and watch the broadcast. Thus, all advanced bettors can make good money. We recommend placing bets directly while watching a stream.

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CS: GO Tournaments

Here are the most popular CS tournaments. They are watched by millions of users from all over the world.


The most popular site on the subject of CS: GO tournaments and cups. A site on which many fast-trackers on CS: GO are held daily with the participation of European teams.

There is a restriction on participation in tournaments on regular accounts, 4 times a month you can participate in tournaments. When paying near $ 4.99 per month, the participation limit drops. It also hosts selections for major world and European championships.


One of the top tournament league. It’s more a professional league than an amateur.

Here you can even find tournaments with popular teams. It’s believed that ESEA is the best anti-cheat. Very flexible selection customization. Ping, rank, cards. Also for 1 place in the ranking table players could get more than $1.2K. And in descending order. A lot of professional players came out of this league. Also, there are always many streams.

ESL Play

Well-known ESLs also conduct online tournaments. Tournaments from the eminent ESL organization. Fastcaps are held which are often played by European teams. There are also selections for major world and European championships.


FLASHPOINT is a series of tournaments organized by B Site Inc. and FACEIT. In the first season, 8 organizations will participate, which became sponsors of the tournament, two more teams will be determined through LAN qualifications. The prize pool of the first season will be $1,000,000. The tournament will be held in the city of Los Angeles (USA).