Craps Casinos

Due to the great impact that online casinos have had for approximately 20 years, gambling took this as a kind of springboard that led them to win thousands of customers around the world. Today betting and linking to luck with you is part of the daily life of millions of people.

Of the games of chance some are more popular or more played than others, however, all the games of chance you will find in online casinos where you can win large sums of money.

There is a game that is not one of the most popular, but you will always find it in both traditional casinos and online casinos, we refer to Craps, also known as dice, a fairly simple game in which you can have fun with many people.

Craps enters the table games section, table where you can live vibrant moments playing against rivals from all over the world or from the same place if it is a conventional casino.

If the Craps catch your attention, if you are interested in knowing everything about them, we have prepared a guide for you where we will explain everything related to this game of chance, which sometimes goes unnoticed but is very fun.

After reading this guide you will be ready to go play dice at a conventional casino or do it through online casinos as well.

Craps History

Before learning to play Craps, it is necessary to know where they come from, to know what their history is.

About the history of Craps there are several theories, one of them says that this game was born in the era of the Romans, while other historians indicate that it was from the Christian crusade carried out in the 12th century that Craps began as a possible game of random.

In these Christian crusades, dice were used as a form of entertainment while moving from one place to another.

It was in a European country where the boom in craps or craps began, that country is France, in that place it was very popular and then it spread to many parts of the world.

When the first conventional casinos appeared, the game of Craps was not taken into account and had to be played clandestinely until John Winn, making some modifications to its rules, introduced it to casino table games.

And that was how little by little the game of chance Craps was adding followers and the tables destined for him in the casinos were filling with the passage of time.

With the passage of time it became one of the fixed games of casinos and with the arrival of online casinos this did not change, it was included in all virtual game tables where you can play from home.

Advantages of casinos in the game of Craps

Craps is one of the few games of chance where the house has the lowest profit margin, on the dice it has 1.4%, a very low victory margin that does not change, regardless of the type of bet made.

To be more price, it is the lowest margin of victory of the games of chance that you will find in the casinos.

However, the Craps is a game where the player must be a person who manages to control his emotions since that is where much of the game lies, because if he lets himself be carried away by the environment that forms near him he can make plays that later bring consequences.

In addition to this, as in any game of chance, the player must develop a game strategy so as not to leave everything to luck.

What are the odds or chances of winning for the players? That we will see later, for now, it is necessary that you know that the casino will have little impact on your achievements in the game of craps, everything will be in your hands to play serenely and develop a good game strategy.

How to play Craps?

Now, it is time to explain how craps are played, which at first glance may seem like a very complex game, especially for beginners of games of chance. However, it is only enough to play a few rounds to understand the game perfectly.

But Craps is a game of chance to which you must devote all your attention and many hours of practice. The first thing recommended in this game is that you should only bet when you are sure that your strategy is correct and that it will bring you good dividends.

If you are not very sure of your strategy or you are not having good results, it is best to stop playing that night and try, after a break, another day.

There are several ways to play craps, but the version that you will find the most in online casinos is the American version, known as Bank Craps.

To play Craps it is necessary to have two dice that are the same size and must be played on a table where the players and bettors will be placed on the sides.

Players must buy chips to be able to bet, these chips are placed in a special space on the table. If it is a conventional casino, there are specialized people to exchange money for chips.

On the other hand, the bets and the chances of winning at craps tables change in the American version, so you should ask or find out the rules that are being played at the table.

“Prop box” is called the central section of betting where the odds are 4 to 1 with a casino winning margin of up to 16.7%.

In the tables of craps or English version the picture is different, because there it is established by means of laws that unfavorable bets are not allowed and the highest margin of the probability of winning the casino does not exceed 5.6%.

It is said that at the beginning of a Craps game, if you are a beginner, it is best to bet on the pass line to the player’s victory. That way you will begin to learn the dynamics of the game. Another way to do it is to bet on not passing, if you think the player will not achieve the objective.

Then when you start to gain confidence in the game, you can place more complicated bets like outcome or non-outcome bets.

Parts of the Craps

It is time to talk about the structure of Craps or dice, about the elements that make up this entertaining game of chance, with a look beyond what is seen with the naked eye that are dice and chips.

  • Casino equipment. This happens in conventional or traditional casinos, where you will find a group of people who work only in the Craps, it is made up of the money changer, who is in charge of giving the chips to the players, the table manager and two assistants.
  • The table manager is also known as a dealer, as the person who directs the game of Craps.
  • There is also the Buck, a square where punters place the sum of points that the shooter or shooter must try to achieve.
  • Shooter. As his word says, he is the one who throws the dice, the player who has come the time to throw the dice and must make them crash into a place on the game table.

Types of bets made on Craps

To close the guide we will touch the point that many are interested in. What types of bets can be made in dice games? The first thing we will say is that there are many types and it will depend on the version you are going to play. However, we will mention the most common types.

  • Bet to pass. This bet seeks to achieve a 7 or 11 in the initial bet, if a much better 7 is achieved, from this bet the outcome of the game may take another direction.
  • Bet not to pass. Here the objective is to predict that the shooter will not be able to get the number raised.
  • Bet on result. It is done after the shooter takes the initial shot and an attempt must be made to get his point.
  • Bet on no result. Bet that the starting pitcher point will not be achieved.

Craps is one of the most interesting games of chance, because through it you can make different types of bets, if you are looking for a casino where you can play Craps, here we will show you the best three casinos to play craps, but before we will give you a review of what this wonderful game is, if you are a beginner you can learn a little about Craps and its beginnings in casinos.

Craps in casinos

In order for the craps to enter the casinos as a game of chance, it had to go through several modifications in its rules, this change was given by John Winn, who was the creator of the “Do not pass” bet that gave him a great balance to the game.

What mainly changed was the bet, it went from being a single direction (pass line) in which the players created tricks when rolling the dice so that the numbers favored them, with balanced bets most of these tricks remained behind.

With the modification the Craps became a social game in all casinos, generating huge profits and then with the arrival of online casinos, this famous American game continued to gain fame and fans worldwide.

Craps in Online Casinos

With the advent of online casinos, all games of chance were adapted to these platforms, and Craps was no exception. You can play Craps from an online casino, from your computer, tablets, smartphones or download the casino software and play through it.

You can make low bets and use the same strategies that you use in a betting house, or the online game strategy that is most comfortable for you.