On March 27 at 17:00 (UTC), Copenhagen Flames will meet against HAVU and this time will try to prove their superiority. In the last match, the Finns were stronger than their opponent, but what will happen now? Check our free prediction.

Copenhagen Flames

Copenhagen Flames are on the 38th line of the world ranking and are trying to get to the shooting range (-2). The team had a good period during which they were quite stable in celebrating their win, but recently it has been going on not so smoothly. The Danes managed to get to the European minor, defeating Heroic, but in the framework of this tournament they lost c0ntact (0:2) and MAD Lions (1:2). Against the Lions, the Flames took the Dust2 card, but on Train and Nuke they didn’t show the best game.


HAVU are eight positions higher than their opponent in the ranking, but they are also not very stable. After a hard victory over c0ntact (2:1), the Finns met with MAD Lions, who lost with a score of (0:2), without taking more than ten rounds on any of the cards. Recall that the best map in the asset of the team is Nuke, on which it has 71% win rate. In addition, HAVU play very well on Dust2, where 69% of the matches won.

Betting Statistics

  • Copenhagen Flames have won the last two matches of three against HAVU
  • HAVU lost in the last match with a score of (0:2)
  • Flames beat Heroic (2:0)
  • Wins in the last 5 matches: Copenhagen Flames – 2 / HAVU – 3
  • Wins in the last 10 matches: Copenhagen Flames – 4 / HAVU – 8
  • Before this game, the teams played head-to-head 9 times

Copenhagen Flames vs HAVU Prediction

The Copenhagen Flames had a good match against MAD Lions, which can’t be said of the HAVUs, who completely failed the meeting with the Lions. Last time, the Finns won from the Danes in a bitter struggle, but we think that now luck will be on the side of the Flames, so we suggest taking their victory with an excellent coefficient.

Copenhagen Flames vs HAVU live stream