Cloud9 will sort things out with Evil Geniuses on April 27 at 20:00 (UTC), and our team of experts will give a prediction for this event. Will Cloud9 be able to win at least on one of the maps?


Cloud9 in the first match unexpectedly lost to Triumph (1:2), but in the next meeting with Orgless they rehabilitated and prevailed with a score of (2:1). Despite the fact that the Clouds devastatingly lost on Nuke, they dealt with the opponent in extra time on Overpass (19:17), and then confidently played for the defense on Inferno and squeezed Canadians – (16:10). An excellent game was shown by oSee, who made 68 kills.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses, no matter what form they are in, can’t cope with 100 Thieves. The Americans had everything in order to gain win, and they easily took the starting map, but then they seemed to be replaced. The Evil Geniuses first crushingly lost to Inferno (7:16), and after that they took only four rounds on Nuke. We emphasize that all the players in the squad completed the match with a negative indicator.

Betting Statistics

  • Cloud9 have won the last four out of five matches
  • Evil Geniuses lost in the previous bout
  • The Clouds have never met the Geniuses

Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses Prediction

Evil Geniuses are very unpredictable and can play both great and lose with defeat, which was in the last match. Cloud9 play pretty well and have a good level of aima, so they can catch on to win on one of the map.

  • Our prediction: Cloud9 win with handicap (-1,5)

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