Cloud9 on March 27th will find out the relationship with Envy in the top flight semifinals of the Flashpoint tournament, and we, in turn, will make a forecast for their meeting. Can the “clouds” be obsessed with Victoria?


Cloud9 seems to be in great shape, as they won five games in a row. In this tournament, the Clouds defeated FunPlus Phoenix (2-1), Dignitas (2-0) and Orgless (2-1). The most difficult for the Americans was the last duel, in which it came to the third card, and on it the team won 16:14, almost giving Victoria for the defense side. All players played roughly the same and scored more than 50 kilos for three Maps.


Envy is much lower than its rival in the world ranking and currently occupies 54th position. The team has not yet won a single Flashpoint match. Recall that the team was defeated first by Gen.G (1:2), and then lost to the dry MIBR, completely without giving the Brazilians a fight. Of course, the excuse is that Envy is playing with a sub in the face of Legija on this event, as moose had visa problems.


  • Cloud9 won five games in a row.
  • Envy lost two games in a row.
  • The teams have not met before.

Cloud9 vs Envy Prediction

Cloud9 is having a great time in the Flashpoint tournament and has not yet suffered a single loss, while Envy has already lost in two games in a row. Moreover, Envy are performing in the championship with a substitution in the squad, so their chances of winning against the Cloud are almost non-existent.

Cloud9 vs Envy live stream