As part of the next round of the regular championship, Cavaliers are taking Pelikans on their parquet. Now New Orleans is fighting actively to get into the playoffs, so they don’t need to squander their cherished points with very weak opponents – they must win very confidently. You can take an insight in the game outcome consulting our prediction, we’ve made for you.

Cavaliers vs Pelicans Score Prediction: 105 : 119

MoneyLine Pick Against the Spread Pick Over Under Pick
New Orleans Will Win New Orleans -12 Point Spread Under 237 Game Total
Odds: -670
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Odds: -112
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Odds: -112
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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland has already finished the season they are in 13th place in the Eastern Conference standings. This team is separated from the playoff zone by nine wins. It is already impossible to rise above where it is now, but to fall below it is quite possible: maybe it will even be only in the hands of the club’s management, as it will allow them to complete the restructuring, drawing 1-2 decent players in the season.

With Andre Drummond’s move, Cleveland played more interestingly. The Cavaliers even won 4 out of 5 last games. But it will be incredibly difficult to continue the series. Drummond was injured and will not play in this match. Besides him, there are Exam, Windler and McKinney in the infirmary.

As practice shows, Cavaliers isn’t very confident in playing away, so you don’t have to wait for Sexton, Thompson and Love to perform as well as you did in the last game.

New Orleans Pelicans

New Orleans is now in three victories from еру 8th place. Now Pelicans are on the 10th line with 25 victories with 33 defeats.

The Pelicans are in great shape: although they have only 5 victories in the 10 extreme encounters, they show character in every match. Special attention should be paid to Zion Williamson who, having joined the team, blended perfectly into the game and already demonstrates that he was quoted as a star on the draft for a reason. The young player now has an average of 23.3 points in 13 games. All other players of the team are in good shape, so you can expect from them the usual performance, especially on your parquet.

With the return of Zayon Williamson, New Orleans’s performance has improved. The Pelicans are starting to win a lot more. Alvin Gentry’s players now have 25 wins. If the Pelicans don’t slow down, they’re in the top eight.

Betting Tips Statistic

  • New Orleans won the last four face-to-face meetings.
  • Cleveland hasn’t won New Orleans since 2010.
  • The Cavaliers have lost six of their last eight away matches.

Injuries reports

  • Cleveland Cavaliers: A. Drummond (?), D. Exum, A. McKinnie (?), D. Windler
  • New Orleans Pelicans: K. Williams

Cavaliers vs Pelicans Prediction

New Orleans must confidently take their victory. First, for them, every win matters, they have no right to lose points in a match with an outsider, so the Pelicans must show a good game in front of their stands. Of course, the game will be fast and efficient. In addition, New Orleans had a longer break than Cavs, which should affect the physical fitness of the players.

  • Our prediction: New Orleans Pelicans will win

At what time do the teams play?
The game time is February 28, 2020, 8:00 PM ET

Where to watch the game?

What are the teams’ positions in the standings?
Cleveland is the 13th team of the Eastern Conference and New Orleans is the 10th team in the Western Conference

How many wins and losses do the teams have?
The Cavaliers have 17 wins and 41 losses. The Pelicans have 25 wins and 33 losses