Classic Slots

The basis of all online slots can be found when taking a peak in classic slot machines, they are also called fruit machines in some places. In fact, the latter significantly describes the fact that these machines are really symbols of fruits.

There are not many features associated with them compared to types of games, since video slots or 3D, however, they can be the main selling point. People who are not fans of downloaded games with cool millions of features could look for them. Ground based casinos are gradually starting to replace them with modern games, as most people prefer a more modern approach. Finding and playing classic slots online, on the other hand, is not a problem. All major software vendors are still developing them, and some are only adding functionality to improve their overall user experience.

So in order to enjoy the game these slot machines, it is best to join the online casino andnew slots to play for free without registration, instead of going to a gambling establishment. You will benefit from the various games, as well as the comfort and convenience of the online gambling that they bring.

Varieties of slot machines

Slots are divided into categories depending on different criteria.

Based on the principle of action and technology, all slot machines can be divided into two main groups – classic slots and video slots.

Classic slots are standard ground-based slot machines based on mechanics. Such machines have 3 reels with classical, historically formed symbols depicted on them – the symbol of seven, fruits, card suits, bars. Often in mechanical slots there are from 1 to 5 paylines, bonuses, progressive jackpots are offered.

Video slots are modern, multifunctional, thematic machines, the principle of which is based on special software, and the mechanics have nothing to do with the rotation of the reels. Sometimes you don’t even see the most reels in the video slots, they are replaced with other forms to make the game original and unusual. The number of reels in video slots ranges from 3 to 9, the number of paylines is up to 100. And the random number generator controls the entire process of matching winning combinations.

But in the online casino there is such a thing as a classic slot. These 3-drum machines are video slots that are only outwardly designed as mechanical, using classic characters and functions. Such an imitation of mechanics is a way to satisfy the needs of conservative players who, even on a computer, give preference to a good-old 3-reel machine.

Classic slot games

A common question asked by almost all players is “How are classic slot machines different?” To begin with, there is a myth that if a slot game has 3 reels, then it belongs to the classical one. But, this is not the case, as we already know several gambling software providers who create modern, loaded 3-reel video slot machines.

The easiest way to determine if a game is a classic slot is to take a peak on the symbols in the game. Almost all of them will offer fruits, as most of the characters in the game along with the popular ‘BAR’. If you see these symbols, you can be almost sure that a particular 

How to play and win?

Playing fruit machines online is as simple as playing land-based casinos. You must join an online casino and make a deposit if you want to play for real money. If not, you can also do it for free. After you have selected a game to try, just select its bet and press the spin button.

Determining how you won is also really the main goal. To begin with, the slot machine will make a sound or even a visual effect every time you form an active pay line. Secondly, due to the nature of these games, there are only a few toll lines for 3 reels.

Common features

While classic slots are far from the most actionable, some of them still offer something profitable, which leads to some massive payouts. One of these functions is a symbol of will – while not all slot machines will represent it. Wild symbols will replace any other symbols in the game, as well as often twice the normal payout when wild forms an active pay line.

Another feature is the fixed jackpot – it is called the maximum win in a particular game. This can be claimed when 3 of the highest value symbols, as a rule, the symbols of the number “7” form a full payment line, consisting only of them. On the other hand, some classic online slots will actually offer a chance to win a progressive jackpot – either a bonus game, randomly, or when a specific set of characters appears.

Playing slots: for free or for money – the advantages of each mode

At many gambling sites each slot machine in online casino is presented in two formats. This is a demo machines that are available to any visitor to the official site, and a game for real money. Everyone can play test (or demo) versions of machines.

To play for free select your favorite model and click “Demo”. The game is played on conditional credits, therefore the number of spins of the reels is unlimited.

Pros of a free slot game

The demo mode is an ideal solution for beginners who just want to get acquainted with slot machines as a phenomenon, or have already deliberately studied the assortment of casinos and choose the most suitable option for playing for money.

However, even the most sophisticated players do not shy away from the test mode, always preferring to make several spins for free before proceeding with real bets. This is due to the opportunity to study in detail the specifics and characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each model, without risking anything.

In addition, in this way you can simply understand whether a particular game is worth the candle. But, no matter how many advantages the demo mode has, and no matter what opportunities it opens up for a player, its main drawback is the inability to get a real win.

It is the risk of losing a bet that makes casino games so exciting, making adrenaline rush in the player’s blood, and creates that unique atmosphere of excitement that attracts an incredible amount of people. And getting a win is a good reason to return to the casino again.

Advantages of playing slots for money

Of course, the true pleasure and enjoyment of the game process in the slot machines can be obtained only when you win the real amount. After spending some time in the demo mode of the slot machine, it is worth trying it in the “For Money” mode. To do this, you need to register an account as well as create an account.

After creating an account, it will open for you to try out gambling slots for real money, and what is more pleasant is to win real jackpots with their help!