To hell with coronavirus, show must go on, and we have another event on our nose. UFC Fight Night 171 Early Prelims: Chase “The Vanilla Gorilla” Sherman against Isaac “Hurricane Ike” Villanueva. The location is still the same – the VyStar Veterans Memorial arena in Jacksonville, Florida, USA behind closed doors.

Sherman returns to the UFC, so that on the second attempt to succeed. BKFC’s gloveless boxing organization has many UFC fighters, but none of them have returned to the top MMA promotion before. Sherman will be the first. Villanueva – a native of the light heavyweight category, it will be his debut in the UFC. Bookmakers see Sherman as a favorite, but to avoid a mistake with the bet, we will do our own prediction for this fight.

Chase Sherman “The Vanilla Gorilla”

American Sherman is 30 years old. He fought in UFC fights for two years – from August 2016 to September 2018. He spent seven fights in total, winning only two wins – over Rashad Coulter and Damian Hrabowski. After a series of three defeats in a row (two of them by knockout), Chase left the organization and spent two successful fights in the Square Ring promotion. Now Chase Sherman will make a second attempt to succeed at the top fighting level. The basic style of the Vanilla Gorilla is boxing. In the octagon, he acts in a rack, relying on his solid knockout power.

Sherman is a fairly big guy, his height is 193 cm, and his arm span is 198 cm. The American trained in the best halls in the USA, including the halls of Greg Jackson and Duke Roufus, and he mastered the percussion technique quite well. Chase has a purple kickboxing belt as well as a blue Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt. Sherman possesses some great leg-kicks in all fashions, front kick, high kick, body kicks and low kicks and athletic background to match. However, despite the fact that the fighter is a pronounced puncher, he rarely shows aggression and initiative in the ring.

  • Age: 30
  • Nationality: USA 
  • Record: 14-6-0
  • Height: 6ft 4”
  • Reach: 78”
  • Gym: Alan Belcher MMA Club
  • Notable Gym Members: Alan Belcher & Brandon Davis
  • Current Streak: 2 wins
  • Wins by KO/TKO: 13
  • Wins by Submission: 0
  • Decision wins: 1

Significant Strikes (UFC)

  • Landed Per Min: 5.81
  • Accuracy: 43%
  • Defence: 51%

Grappling (UFC)

  • Takedown Average: 0%
  • Takedown Accuracy: 0%
  • Takedown Defended: 77%

Isaac Villanueva “Hurricane Ike”

Ike Villanueva is unknown entity entering this week’s UFC Fight Night. Isaac Villanueva, a 36-year-old fighter from the United States, began his professional career in 2008 and spent all fights at tournaments of secondary promotions. Villanueva came into the professional, having no experience in amateurs, and probably this was the reason that in the first three and a half years of his career, the athlete was noted with a disappointing record of 7-7. He defeated then extremely weak rivals, whom he also periodically lost. Villanueva has a far from perfect track record, however, in four extreme fights he won by knockout in the 1st round. With these results, he attracted attention and received an invitation to speak at the UFC tournament. Like his future opponent, Villanueva relies on his skills in the rack.

Hurricane Ike is a natural light heavyweight, so in size it will be inferior to its counterpart. Isaac’s height is 188 cm with a span of 184 cm. It will be difficult to get a compatriot, given the difference in arm length. Age is also not on the side of Villanueva, because he is 6 years older than the opponent.

  • Age: 36
  • Nationality: America 
  • Record: 16-9-0
  • Height: 6ft 2”
  • Reach: 72.5”
  • Gym: 4oz Fight Club 
  • Notable Gym Members: N/A
  • Current Streak: 4 wins
  • Wins by KO/TKO: 13
  • Wins by Submission: 0
  • Decision wins: 3

Significant Strikes (UFC)

  • Landed Per Min:  N/A (UFC debut)
  • Accuracy: N/A (UFC debut)
  • Defence: N/A (UFC debut)

Grappling (UFC)

  • Takedown Average: N/A (UFC debut)
  • Takedown Accuracy: N/A (UFC debut)
  • Takedown Defended: N/A (UFC debut)

Betting Tips

Both fighters tend to win via knockout and I can see this fight being over in the blink of an eye. Two knockouts will converge in the octagon, so the fight can be spectacular, but short. It is very likely that the battle will end in the first round. Sherman is known for his elite punching power. Due to the superiority in power and size, as well as taking into account the age, the advantage can be given to Chase Sherman.

Sherman vs Villanueva Prediction

In addition, during the “rest” from the UFC, Sherman probably acquired the proper motivation. The same can be said about Villanueva, who will try to effectively prove himself in the debut match at the highest level. But Sherman’s victory seems a more likely outcome.

The last performance of Villanueva took place 5 months ago. In turn, Sherman was not in the cage for about a year, but six months ago he fought under the banner of the BKFC organization. Two years’ experience in the UFC puts Sherman at an advantage against a debuting opponent. Ok, fine – we’ll take a dog.

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