Charlie Nicholas’ Predictions

One of the most respected football experts in the UK, Charlie Nicolas makes 380 predictions for the best matches of the English Premier League.

Predictions are usually published by Sky Sports. The football tips of one of the most famous football stars in the UK are presented below.

Charlie Nicholas’ EPL Predictions for Week 28

Match Predictions
Norwich City vs Leicester City 1-3
Brighton vs Crystal Palace 1-1
Bournemouth vs Chelsea 2-2
Newcastle vs United Burnley 2-1
West Ham vs United Southampton 2-1
Watford vs Liverpool 1-2
Everton vs Manchester United 1-1
Tottenham vs Wolves 1-1

Charlie Nicolas is a former Scottish footballer. Nicholas played as a striker for the Scottish Celtic, Aberdeen, Clyde and English Arsenal.

From 1983 to 1989, Charlie played in the Scottish national team, participated in the 1986 World Cup. In total, Nicholas played 20 matches and scored five goals.

After his career as a football player, Charlie worked in the media and became a sports journalist on Sky Sports TV.

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