On February 22, Las Vegas will host the IBF heavyweight qualifying match (over 90.7 kg) between the well-known Americans – Charles Martin and Gerald Washington.

At what time Charles Martin vs Gerald Washington fight?
The fight time is February 22, 2020, at 09:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+, ESPN, and PPV

How many wins and losses Charles Martin have?
Charles Martin has 24 wins and 2 loss.

How many wins and losses Gerald Washington have?
Gerald Washington has 20 wins and 3 loss.

Charles Martin

Martin is a former IBF world heavyweight champion. The American owned a belt from January 2016 to April 2016. Let’s be honest: in 2010-2019 in this division there was no titleholder weaker than Charles. Nevertheless, the status of an ex-champion allows him to box in eliminators (despite the fact that he is not included in the top 10 of the rating).

Martin has been a professional since 2012 and has had 30 fights. Charles track record: 27-2-1. The American beat Vyacheslav Glazkov, Daniel Martz, Rafael Zumbano and Gregory Corbin, but lost to Anthony Joshua and Adam Kownacki.

Martin is left-handed but does not know how to take advantage of this stance. Moreover, Charles is constantly open to attacks on the right (from the right-hander). The American holds his hands too low and raises his head high, which led him to the quick defeat of Joshua. Martin is notable for his solid striking power and knocked out 24 opponents.

Gerald Washington

Washington is 37 years old, but he is trying to get a new chance to become a world champion. Gerald is a former contender for the WBC heavyweight belt. In recent years, the American has been unstable, but he has not completely lost his form. In the overall ranking of heavyweight boxers takes the 18th line.

Washington has also boxed since 2012 and has had 24 fights, scoring 20 wins. Gerald lost to Adam Kownacki, Deontay Wilder, and Jim Miller. Last year, the American interrupted a series of setbacks by knocking out Robert Helenius. Washington previously beat Eddie Chambers and Mike Sheppard.

Washington lost three times ahead of schedule, but each time the tonnage of missed strikes affected. Blaming an American with a one-time hit is almost impossible. At the same time, Gerald himself can also send the opponent to the floor of the ring. Washington has 13 knockouts.

Charles Martin vs Gerald Washington Prediction

Both heavyweights are quite large. Charles Martin is 196 cm tall with a 203 cm arm span. Gerald Washington is 2 cm taller than his compatriot and 5 cm ahead of him in the striking distance. The fighting weight of the former world champion is about 115 kg, while his opponent has about 107 kg.

In a duel of equal rivals (and especially heavyweights), any result can be expected, but we are inclined in favor of the underdog. Washington has more single-punched knockouts at the near-top level, and several defeats in a row are associated only with a high class of its opponents. Martin with every exit into the ring only looks worse.

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