On April 2 Chaos will fight FunPlus Phoenix at the Flashpoint tournament and try to give a fight to the new lineup of the opponent, and we, in turn, will make a prediction for the total cards and the outcome.


Chaos lost two games in a row, losing to MIBR 1-2 and suffering a dry loss to MAD Lions. It should be noted that the team is really dangerous on the Mirage card, which has 88% vintage. In fairness it should be emphasized that the team has been playing with substitutions for some time because it couldn’t take part in the matches. Only in the last meeting the British returned to the squad, but the positive outcome was not achieved.

FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix in their first match at the tournament failed from c0ntact 1:2, although they showed a good game. On the Inferno card the team lost to the opponent with the score 14:16, and on Dust2 took 12 rounds. Perhaps on the decisive card Phoenix lacked a coordinated action for the side of the terrorists, which led them to give eight points. By the way, the Americans’ best mum right now is Inferno, where they celebrated success in 72% of cases.

Betting Statistics

  • FunPlus Phoenix won the last match against Chaos.
  • Chaos lost two games in a row.
  • Phoenixes have the highest wintrate on five cards compared to the opponent.

Chaos vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction

We think that FunPlus Phoenix, who had a good first match against c0ntact, is motivated for a win in the upcoming meeting. The Chaos have not played flawlessly recently and have a series of two losses. Moreover, in the beginning of March the face-to-face game ended in favor of Phoenix.

  • Our prediction: FunPlus Phoenix win

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Chaos vs FunPlus Phoenix live stream