Catalans Dragons chairman Bernard Guasch has blamed the group’s collapse to the players and said he had been”influenced” by the attitude of Tony Gigot.
In an interview with Perpignan paper L’Independant, Guasch stated the team’s recent form, which comprised back-to-back home defeats by relegation-threatened duo London Broncos and Hull KR has devastated him.
The Dragons were sitting in third place after the Magic Weekend in May and began the year on their 2018 Challenge Cup victory, but they’ll end after winning only three of their past 11 matches.
Guasch stated the results revealed that the team’s reliance on Wigan duo Sam Tomkins along with Michael McIlorum, that were suspended out of a conflict with Warrington, also accused others of being a disruptive impact.
He pointed the finger at”six or seven players at the conclusion of the contract” and”seven or six problems with players who do not accept being told that they won’t be with us next year”.
One of the departures is France international Tony Gigot, that rejected the deal after Guasch dropped his patience with this 34, of a new deal, which is now off the table.
“We gave him all the cards this year. I’m really affected by his mindset,” Guasch said. “Tony Gigot doesn’t listen to the right individuals. At some point, you need to be severe and I am.”
Conversely, Guasch expressed his optimism in Steve McNamara, who joined the club on a three-and-a-half-year bargain .
Asked if the trainer’s position was in danger, Guasch said:”No. We will extend his contract in the forthcoming weeks of one or two decades more.
“I cannot overstate what Steve McNamara brought to the team, saving us (from relegation) from the Million Pound Game at 2017, winning the Cup in 2018 and this season we were third in June.
“I am none of those people who say,’When we play a good match, the players are extremely good and once we lose and we’re poor, the trainer is awful’.
“We will learn from the great lessons to make 2020 a big year.”

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