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Finding an online casino with exciting slot machines, video slots and gaming tables is not always easy. After all, there are hundreds of different providers with different game offerings, payment methods and welcome bonuses. To make your search a little easier, we would like to introduce you to the best online casinos in 2020.

On this page you will not only find the best online casinos, but also many other useful information about online gambling. It is our goal to inform you about the current offer in the best possible way and to present the best real money casinos online. All you have to do is pick out an online casino that you particularly like, follow our link and register.

On our site you will find valuable information about:

  • The best online casinos
  • The best welcome bonus offers
  • The best mobile casinos for smartphone and tablet

A variety of great providers

Sitting at home you can choose from a wealth of great providers, whether you want to play online slots or try your luck with Blackjack, Baccarat or Roulette. You will always find a suitable casino online where you can play the best casino games for real money.

On our site you will always find an up-to-date list of online casinos 2020 with lucrative bonus offers and the most exciting casino games. Here you are guaranteed to find the right candidate for your gambling needs, whether you prefer to play video poker, roll the roulette ball or try your luck with the online slots and video slots.

What’s special about our list is that each provider has been thoroughly screened by our team of gambling experts. This is how we ensure that every real money online casino we recommend is fair and takes your safety seriously. You can therefore devote yourself to online gambling without having to worry about your money or your personal data.

This makes online gambling even more fun.

Legal Status of Online Casinos

A question, which is asked to us again and again, is whether online casinos are at all serious and legal. After all, here you entrust a stranger your hard-earned money. How can you be sure that you can really trust a provider? A little healthy caution is never wrong. Let us therefore look at this question in detail.

Are online casinos legal?

Especially when it comes to legality, there are different views and different opinions. Gambling in each country is a matter for the state affairs, which is why there are different legal situations in each country.

However, it is a fact that according to EU law a casino may offer its real money online games in member states as long as it is entitled to do so in at least one EU member state. In plain language, this means that an online casino with a gambling licence in Malta, Gibraltar, Great Britain or the Isle of Man is entitled to offer its online slots and casino games in another EU countries.

Even if the legal situation is somewhat confusing, you as a player are always on the right side, as long as you play only in an online casino with an EU license. Here, however, a warning: If an online casino has only one license from Curacao, you should exercise caution. Although the Caribbean island is part of the Netherlands and therefore part of the EU, the gambling authorities have a very bad reputation. An online casino with a Curacao license should therefore be avoided in our opinion. After all, there are still plenty of other safe online casinos.

How reputable are online casinos?

Whatever one thinks of the legal situation on in gambling industry, one thing is clear: gambling is a massive business, which unfortunately also attracts many charlatans and cheats. Therefore it is all the more important to be careful when choosing a new online casino. After all, it is your money that is at stake.

After all, there are hundreds of rock solid gambling providers where you can play online for real money without hesitation. But unfortunately there are still some dubious online casinos that you should avoid at all costs.

In the question of whether an online casino is serious, you can always rely on us. We test each casino thoroughly before we make a recommendation and summarize our findings in our online casino test reports, which you can read at any time.

It is important to us, for example, a valid gambling license, because this is the only way to ensure that the online casinos a minimum of security and fairness. Gaming authorities on Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man or Great Britain enjoy a particularly good reputation and are a very good sign.

Another important feature is a casino software of a well-known manufacturer, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech or Novoline. It also provides for plus points if the casino is certified by an independent testing institute. With an eCOGRA seal you can therefore assume that the casino games offered are really fair and that the payout rates mentioned correspond to the facts.

To be able to find a reputable online casino, you should therefore always pay attention to three things:

  • Does the online casino has a gambling license valid in the EU?
  • Does the casino software come from a well-known provider?
  • Has the casino been certified by an independent testing institute?

If all three questions can be answered with a clear yes, you can assume that it is a fair and reputable online casino. You should also always read the online casino reviews of our gambling experts. There you will find all relevant details and can then make an informed decision.

How to find your next online casino?

When looking for your next online casino you should consider a few things that can play an important role. After all, not every online casino is equally suitable for all players.

These things can influence your decision:

The game offer

Of course, you should enjoy the casino games on offer. Here it should be noted that most online casinos offer games from two to three different manufacturers. So you will always find different slot machines in a NetEnt casino than, for example, in a Novoline online casino. Even in the classic table games, such as Blackjack or Roulette, there can be differences between the versions of the different manufacturers, for example in the graphics, animations or special features.

If you are already a fan of a particular provider, a quick look at our casino test is enough. This will tell you which software producers supply the casino. If, on the other hand, you do not yet know exactly which games you might like, that is no longer a tragedy. You can play in most online casinos  for free and try everything out. You do not have to deposit a cent, but can immediately after registration to the various play money tables and slot machines sit down and start playing.

So you can try out the software and games of the casino without any risk and ensure that they work perfectly on your computer and you really enjoy.

The payment methods

If you want to play online casino games for real money, you must be able to transfer money online somehow. Meanwhile, there are in a wealth of safe and reliable online payment methods. So you can pay in most German casinos with credit card, debit card, through an e-wallet provider, such as PayPal, Neteller or Skrill, as well as with prepaid cards or bank transfers. In most countries, there are often other payment service providers available to you, such as Sofortüberweisung or GiroPay.

If you have a particular payment method in mind, it is worth taking another look at our online casino reviews. There you will find out whether your desired online banking method is accepted by the casino and can thus avoid unpleasant surprises.

The bonus offer

Next to the casino games and payment methods offered, the welcome bonus offer is the third important factor when choosing an online casino. Here you should take some time and compare the different offers well with each other, because you can get some extra here.

Do you prefer to play for larger sums? Then the right deposit bonus can certainly mean several hundred euros more for your gaming budget. Especially as a frequent player you should not do without such an offer.

Would you like to try an online casino for free? In this case a welcome bonus without deposit is ideal for you. With this type of bonus, you receive free spins or a small starting credit just for your registration. Sounds too good to be true? We explain in the next part how such casino bonus offers work.

The best online casino bonus offers 2020

Almost every online casino tries to attract new players with bonus offers. As a savvy player, you can take advantage of this fact and grab a great deposit bonus, free spins and other benefits. To make it easier for you, we have compiled the best casino bonus offers 2020 for you here.

Would you like a deposit bonus or do you prefer free spins? Or perhaps you would like to try an online casino for free? Then a casino bonus without deposit is ideal for you. On our site you can find the right offer in any case. We will also explain to you what types of bonuses are available, what you need to know about bonus conditions and what else is important.

The deposit bonus

With a deposit bonus, your first deposit is multiplied by the casino. This welcome bonus is therefore particularly suitable if you are prepared to deposit a larger sum at once. In this case, with the right deposit bonus offer you can secure hundreds of dollars and more for your bankroll.

The rule of thumb for deposit bonuses is that you should make full use of the bonus amount. For example, an offer of up to 1000 euros bonus would be a real waste if you only want to or can deposit 10 euros.

If you choose a deposit bonus, the extra money will be credited to you as a bonus. You can usually use this amount for all casino games. However, before you can withdraw the bonus money, you must first clear it. To do this, you usually only need to sit down at the real money casino games and start playing. The details, however, depend on the bonus terms and conditions of the online casino, which you should of course always read through before you accept a casino bonus.

The free play bonus

With a free spins bonus, the online casino credits you with free spins or free spins for certain online slots and casino games. The casino will pay your wager for a certain number of game rounds, and the winnings will be credited to your account as an extra bonus.

These free spins always apply to certain games. For example, you cannot use free spins for the NetEnt Slot Starburst for the Gonzo’s Quest slot machine. Therefore, it is always worth checking the bonus terms and conditions to make sure that you enjoy the bonus games offered. For example, if you only want to play Online Blackjack, then Online Roulette Free Spins are not necessarily the best choice.

Bonus without deposit

This casino bonus is ideal for all casino newcomers and savers. You can play in an online casino for real money without having to take money in hand.

With a no deposit bonus, you will receive a bonus from the online casino just for your registration. Depending on the offer, you will receive free spins or a free starting balance, with which you can explore the new online casino on your own.

A casino bonus without deposit has nothing to do with witchcraft. It is merely an effective advertising measure with the aim of encouraging new players to register at the online casino. In return, you will receive a few free spins or a free entry fee without any further obligations.

What are the Casino Bonus terms and conditions?

No matter which online casino bonus you choose, you should always take a look at the bonus terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of the provider. There you will find important details about the bonus, such as how you can free the bonus money, how long the bonus is valid, which casino games are excluded and much more.

For example, a bonus is often only valid for a certain period of time, after which unused free spins and bonus money that has not been released expire. You should therefore make sure that you have enough time to make full use of a bonus.

If you have a large deposit bonus, how you can unlock the bonus also plays an important role. There can be strict restrictions on which real money games contribute to the wagering requirements and how often you must wager the bonus amount. The time limit also plays a decisive role here.

The best bonus offers at a glance

If you are looking for the best casino bonus offers for German players, then you have come to the right place. With us you will find the latest offers every day. We pay attention not only to a lucrative bonus, but also to the fact that the online casino is safe and reputable. In addition, we take a close look at the game offerings, payment options and customer service. You can read the results of our research at any time in the Online Casino Test.

So now it’s time to choose a welcome bonus that suits you best. Take your time and compare the different casinos. Once you have found the right real money online casino, you just have to follow our link. Secure with your registration your welcome bonus offer for one of the best online casinos  and discover the best real money casino games online.

The best mobile casinos online 2020

Smartphones and tablets have become a matter of course around the globe and it is impossible to imagine our everyday life without them. If you want to use your smartphone for online casino games, you can now choose from a wide range of offers.

Real money gambling on your mobile phone has become very easy. We have therefore taken a close look at the offer and found the best Mobile Online Casinos 2020 for you. Here you will find the best mobile casinos for your smartphone and tablet with the most exciting real money casino games and slot machines. You can read our mobile casino test for each provider and get detailed information about the casino before you make a decision.

Casino Apps and Instant Play Mobile Casinos

When choosing a mobile casino you should first decide whether you want to play with a mobile casino app or prefer an instant play mobile casino. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

With a good casino app, you can always assume that the casino games and mobile slots are specially adapted for your mobile device. Whether you play on an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone, with the right app, a smooth casino experience is always just a click away.

One disadvantage of casino apps, however, is that the range of games available is often very limited, as it is expensive to develop apps for each type of mobile device. With a mobile casino app, you can often only choose from a handful of gaming tables and online slots.

In an Instant Play Mobile Casino, on the other hand, you can usually access the same extensive range of games as in a normal desktop online casino. Here the games are played directly in the web browser of your smartphone. A modern HTML5 online casino therefore works equally well on all common computer systems and smartphone types.

However, in an Instant Play Casino you must pay more attention to your data consumption. Since the game data must be downloaded anew each time, the data volume used in an Instant Play Casino is often significantly larger than in a mobile casino app.

Which variant you choose depends primarily on your preferences. You can find great, safe and reputable mobile casinos on our site for both cases and also secure great welcome bonus offers.

Casino games for Smartphones and Tablet

Be aware that the games offered by an online casino can differ greatly depending on whether you play with your desktop computer or your mobile device. Take a look at our Mobile Online Casino Review and find out more about the actual games on offer.

The casino games offered may also differ from the normal version, especially in terms of graphics and animations. Finally, the games must be adapted to the smaller screen and should also work perfectly on older devices.

A good mobile casino game is characterized by the fact that it is easy to operate via touch screen. Meanwhile, more and more games are developed from the beginning as a mobile casino game, which is why the mobile casino game offer has become better and better in recent years. You can also already look forward to some great new mobile casino slots for 2020. In any case, we are already curious what the game manufacturers come up with next.

Payment methods for mobile devices

If you want to play for real money in a mobile casino, you can access the same payment methods as in a normal online casino. After all, credit cards, e-wallets and prepaid cards also work with your mobile phone without any problems. There are also no differences in payouts.

Depending on your mobile phone contract, you can even use your mobile phone to make a deposit through your phone bill. The amount will be credited to your casino account within a few minutes and later be settled via your monthly bill. This method is not available in every mobile casino.

Bonus offers for mobile casinos

Even with the bonus offers for mobile casinos, you no longer have to make compromises. You can get great deposit bonus offers, dozens of free spins and much more. Many German mobile casinos also entice with a bonus without deposit, where you get free spins or free money just for your registration.

If you are already registered with a normal online casino, it can still pay off to check the mobile casino offer. With many providers you will receive an extra bonus when you log in to your casino account with your mobile device for the first time.

However, as with all bonus offers, you should compare the different offers and always take a look at the bonus terms and conditions.

Which mobile casino is the best?

The question of which mobile casino is best is not so easy to answer. After all, much depends on your personal preferences. First of all, you should consider which casino games and slot machines you want to play. Have you become fond of a particular provider or do you want to play Mobile Roulette for real money? Or would you like to try a live casino and play online on a real casino table? There is a suitable provider for every taste.

Then you should consider whether you would rather play with a mobile casino app or prefer an instant play casino. It is also always worth taking a look at the payment methods on offer to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Last but not least, you should also think carefully about which Mobile Casino bonus suits you best. If you intend to deposit a larger sum, then you should look for a correspondingly large deposit bonus. So you usually get the most for your money.

If, on the other hand, you only want to deposit a few euros or maybe even play for free in the Mobile Casino, then a no deposit bonus is perfect for you. Here you receive a bonus money and free spins just for your registration without having to deposit a single euro.

Safe and reputable mobile casinos

On our site you will find at a glance the best mobile casinos. You can always be sure that any provider we recommend is a safe and reputable mobile casino.

We check every online casino thoroughly and summarize our findings in our mobile online casino tests. There you will find everything you need to know about a provider and can then make an informed decision whether you might like the mobile casino.

So you are guaranteed to find a mobile casino that you like. You then only have to register via our link to secure your exclusive welcome bonus for one of the best mobile casinos. Get your own personal Real Money Mobile Casino for your pocket and play online for real money wherever and whenever you feel like it.