Casino Games


According to all the data presented by the American Gaming Association, which analyzed the whole situation in various Las Vegas casinos, all players always prefer exactly all kinds of different gambling games exactly. And now, card games are in second place here, and only seven percent of gamblers simply prefer to roll their dice, while hoping for Madame Fortune. And only five percent of all gambling people who play casinos just prefer roulette. It’s these statistics that completely refute the myth about the popularity of roulette, but, nevertheless, in those cases when you just need to show the casino in a movie or in a video, the director always chooses roulette as a specific symbol of great excitement.


Roulette or in another way a spinner (this is the French equivalent) can be of two types – American and also European. And in European roulette all the cells are always divided only in half – respectively 17 red and black, and plus cell 0 – zero. But in the American there are two cells of zero, and here in this is all their big difference. A very funny feature of all domestic casinos is the great confusion of all these types of roulettes. And although European roulette is installed exactly everywhere, it is very often called American.

The entire playing field, which is where all the gamblers’ bets are located, is always drawn around the roulette itself, on the gaming table. There are only 11 bets in total, all of them are divided into types, each of which will be even more sophisticated than the previous one, just starting from the most banal “red or black”, “higher or lower number” and so on, and at the same time ending here the rate at which not everyone decides, but precisely – only one of all numbers. The one who won the amount of money will be 35 times higher than his original bid and plus the amount of the bet itself. And if, however, zero simply drops out, then all bets will always go to the casino, but all the simplest winnings will always be paid only one to one.

Also, despite the fact that the game of roulette is not as simple as it seems to everyone, all very avid fans of various gambling don’t perceive it in any way. Luck would be too unreliable in this case. But for those who are simply very confident in themselves and simply ready to swipe for even more, the whole way here lies only to the card table, here you can prove yourself and earn extra money if you have the most necessary skills.

Black Jack

It is worth noting that poker and blackjack simply lead in the entire list of all card games in the casino. Only a few people always become all the participants in this blackjack game, but their opponent is the casino itself, represented by the dealer. All bets are always made only before the start of a gambling game, and for this purpose the game table, which is specially designed for certain boxes, is always nearby.

And here the game begins with the fact that the croupier himself simply deals only two cards to all players only openly and also to himself. And at the same time, only one of all his cards remains the most closed. Here, the next stage – it’s everyone only in order of priority that simply decides whether he needs additional cards. It’s also very important to get a number that will be close to 21, and here is no more.

Gambling is just conducted on only six game decks, each of which has 52 cards. All aces are always evaluated only at one or eleven points, but all the “pictures” are only 10 points. Actually, the game blackjack is a special combination of an ace and a special card, the face value of which will be ten points. And in that situation, when no one just has Blackjack or bust, the one who is closest to 21. wins here. In this game, there are also a whole host of different possibilities, because it is always in the top three big leaders and it is also popular among gamblers.


Poker is no less popular game by various players. It’s they who is always considered the most intellectual gambling, because here, not only various skills are simply important, but also the presence of your own game strategy and special tactics of gambling. It’s in it that gamblers always come up against each other, or against the casino itself. There are also a large number of varieties of this game, and very often all the preference for this or that species here is always geographically determined. For example, in the USA, the most favorite species is the Caribbean studpoker.

Here the rules of the game will be as follows: after the very initial bets, all the players just get as many as five cards, and at the same time they study all the combinations obtained here, which are several in poker, just starting from the royal flush, and now to zero. that’s when in the hands will be only a set of cards without the final row. For beginners in gambling, you need to find a real online casino without cheating. Typically, such institutions have international licenses and certificates recognized by global manufacturers of gambling machines.

And so, depending on how successful the whole game combination will be, all the players continue to play or just exit this game, simply losing their bet. You can also always improve your personal alignment, but with every move here the whole bet simply doubles. And after all the cards have been revealed, and it becomes clear who receives how much money and by their rank, but if the casino wins, then all the bets go to the gambling establishment.

Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most popular and profitable gambling entertainment, which is included in the gaming range of any offline and online casino. In fact, video poker is a “mixture” of a slot machine and the famous card game – 5-card poker with exchange. Real gaming machines are equipped with the usual buttons for bets and moves, all winning combinations and payouts are summarized in a special table, only on the screen of the slot machine instead of rotating reels 5 cards are shown laid out in a row. In online video poker, all of the above components are included in the game interface and are transmitted to the monitor screen as an image.


As in all other games, the main guarantee of success in a casino is a solid understanding of the rules and mechanics of the game. To begin with, we’ll deal with such a thing as paylines. A payline is a line on the reels along which winning combinations are formed.

In classic slot machines, it was a line of three identical symbols, which should have appeared strictly in the center of the reels. However, with the development of video slots, paylines have become increasingly sophisticated. Now they are not only horizontal, but also vertical, diagonal, zigzag – it all depends on the particular slot game and the number of pay lines in it.

First you need to decide how many lines you want to play on. While in simple slot machines you can still find only one payline, in modern slots their number can even reach several hundred.

The goal of the game is to collect three or more identical characters on one line. Your winnings depend on specific symbols, as well as on the size of the bet.


Craps (dice) – a game of chance, which consists in the fact that players of one or more dice (dice) and further scoring drop points. The winner is determined according to the rules of the game craps. According to tradition, in each of them points were presented in an amount from one to six. According to tradition, the sum of the points on the opposite sides of the cube is seven.

There are many variations of the game of craps (as well as the types of craps), but today online casinos and real casinos offer the aforementioned kind of game – craps, which for many has become synonymous with craps. The rules of the game in craps have changed over the centuries, and more than once, it describes the rules accepted by gambling houses today. According to them, the game is played on a table with high sides. The player who rolls the dice is called a “shooter”. The shooter takes in one hand two hexagonal bones with the numbers from one to six printed on them. If the game takes place in real life, the player must roll towards the side so that both dice hit the board and bounce. Only in this case the roll counts. In a virtual casino, this rule is often implemented visually, but whether adjustments are made to the algorithm for generating a random throw is not clear. If in a real casino one or both dice fly out of the game table or do not reach the board, then the roll is not counted. When the dice fly overboard, they can be replaced by a casino employee.


Simple and elegant, full of excitement and surprises – all this is about the game of Baccarat. For many who have not tried to play it, the process may seem boring – what can be exciting is to choose one of the three offered bets, and then just follow how the cards come out. And at the same time – not the slightest opportunity to influence what is happening! if you adhere to the same point of view, then it’s time to look at things differently – right now try Baccarat to play online and you will see that the first impression is misleading.

Learning to play Baccarat is quite simple. The main goal of the game is to guess who will win – player or dealer. And make an appropriate bet, of course. By the way, the outcome of the game may not be in someone’s favor: you can bet on a draw, this also happens. accordingly, three types of bets – three possible outcomes. Punto bet is placed on the player, payment on it is one to one. Banco bet is in favor of the dealer, and in this case, payment is made nineteen to twenty. And finally, Tie’s bet is on a draw. Typically, this rate is paid eight to one or nine to one.