Follow the Tennis match between Caroline Wozniacki and Lauren Davis live. The match starts at 07:00 on 09 January 2020. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.

Caroline Wozniacki

At the moment, everyone is uniquely surprised by the news from Wozniacki about the end of his career. It would seem that the Danish just recently won the Australian Open, again returned to first place in the standings. But who would have thought that there would be no further successes, but only battles with a huge number of new injuries. Carolyn was diagnosed with a chronic back injury and because of this, she began to hardly endure serious loads. Wozniacki acts in an extremely vicious style, she puts herself at the limit of the possible in every match and spends a lot of energy. It’s all because she runs after every ball that flies in her direction, even after one that is almost impossible to catch. Therefore, she always needs to be in optimal shape, but if there is any kind of pain, then she cannot do all this. And now Carolyn’s priorities have changed corny, she recently got married, repeatedly told that she wanted to get pregnant in the near future. So the tournament in Auckland is one of the last in her career, further only the Australian Open champion and that’s all.

Lauren Davis

Davis is only 26 years old, and during her career, she has already experienced a huge number of ups and downs. After all, the tennis player has long been in the top 100, but then a protracted gaming crisis began, which lasted for several seasons. All this time, the American went to ITF tournaments and was in search of herself. It should be noted that Lauren has absolutely nothing in her arsenal to surprise rivals with anything. She only stands out for her tenacity, as she easily does not give opponents a single point, she takes a minimum risk, runs for all the balls. And if you take into account the fact that Davis is small in stature (157 cm), then she tries to squeeze out only the pros from it, namely speed. But only when it comes to pitching and power of the blow, there are many difficulties, because the opponents easily take even the first ball. And on the second, she takes risks, tries to vary the direction of the ball and because of this allows a lot of doubles. Last season, Lauren created a real sensation, as she defeated the current champion, Kerber, at Wimbledon, thanks to which she gained confidence and continued to repeatedly appear in the final stages of small WTA tournaments.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Tennis players met twice on the court, two victories in the asset Caroline Wozniacki.

Caroline Wozniacki vs Lauren Davis Predictions

Tennis players act in approximately the same manner, as they pierce and shoot in the event that this can not be avoided. Therefore, in the upcoming match, we will see many long draws in which the girls will torture each other. And it is not clear what to expect from Wozniacki, and a victory in the first round over an opponent from the top 1000 is not indicative. So we will see a stubborn match, perhaps even a sensation. It is worth taking the total more (who wants extreme sports, he can take a chance and bet on Davis).