For the first ticket to the final of the tournament in Auckland on January 11 Wozniacki and Pegula will fight. Danish tennis player is a favorite of bookmakers. How confident will Caroline hold the match? – read in our prediction.

Caroline Wozniacki

On the eve of the start of the 2020 season, Caroline Wozniacki announced her retirement after the Australian Open. The former first racket of the world holds its last two tournaments in Auckland and Melbourne.

Things in Auckland are doing pretty well with Caroline. Together with Serena Williams, they play a couple, moving in parallel to a possible ending between themselves. This arrangement will suit both the organizers and the fans.

Auckland in a career Wozniacki occupies a special place. Here, the tennis player regularly begins the season. In 2018, it already reached the finals. Gerges lost that time. It is symbolic that this time in the quarter-finals it was Julia Gerges who was in competition with Carolyn. The Danish managed in two sets (6-1, 6-4).

He plays during the Wozniacki tournament with the mood and desire. Nevertheless, she clearly wants to, as they say, leave beautifully. Traditionally, Caroline feels pretty good in matches against attacking rivals. Pegula in this regard will not create serious problems for Wozniacki. American’s game is easy to read, experience and tenacity Caroline on the back line can help her.

Jessica Pegula

Unexpectedly for many, the 82nd racket of the world Jessica Pegula reached the semifinals of the tournament in Auckland. In many ways, Jessica was lucky with the tournament stack, although she won twice as the underdog of bookmakers.

In the first round, I defeated compatriot Bellis (6-0, 6-4), who at the WTA level is still only returning to the previous level after an injury. In the second match at the tournament, the rivals had Zidanshek (6-2, 6-3) comparable in level and class. At the quarterfinal stage, Cornet starred during the match.

Pegula preaches powerful tennis, has a good first serve in the arsenal. However, you will have to play against a successful host and capable of drawing Wozniacki into lengthy draws.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Between themselves Wozniacki and Pegula did not play.
  • Wozniacki at the reception in three matches of the tournament worked with indicators from 43% points and above.
  • Pegula on the tournament grid did not give a single set to rivals.

Caroline Wozniacki vs Jessica Pegula Prediction

In its technical arsenal, Caroline Wozniacki is superior to Pegulu. Danish tennis player is able to create serious problems for an American at the reception. For three matches in Auckland, Caroline scored a game form. The quarterfinals against Gerges fully demonstrated the current potential of Wozniacki. We offer a forecast for a convincing favorite win.

Our prediction is Wozniacki will win.