Carl Froch has recently already issued a honest response following rival Andre Ward raised his name to Britain.
I saw one little clip while I was sunbathing alongside the pool which my brother sent me. I believe he said we’d been exchanging banter back and forth? “Let’s get together, let us have a conversation,” I really don’t understand what he was saying?
I’m only honest about everything I see and I think his style is borderline cheating. He beat me fair and square, let’s get that straight, but it had been among the fights I have been involved in since Matthew Barney, who nobody will understand. That’s when someone puts their head in your chest, smothers you, and basically holds you in any moment they can, and ducks low.
Within a fun game, it’s fantastic to amuse, but he is not an entertainer, although you have to admire him going during his profession unbeaten. Andre Ward’s style is effective, but it’s boring. You’ll never rewatch a Ward battle. He fought with the dreaded man in boxing, Sergey Kovalev. Let us be fair that he beat him with blows that are low in the long run.
All I really do is, I simply tell the facts. You do not like that, then do something about that, if the truth hurts. He and I can’t argue. We offered him the battle, let us make this apparent, Eddie Hearn can confirm this, in the Nottingham Forest floor. He turned it down, stating that I want Wembley Stadium, although I know that’s my hometown. Ward, in the time, no one has been interested in seeing me and you in Wembley Stadium. Following the Groves fight we’ll do Wembley, however we could not do it at the moment.
Ward barely leaves his home country. He came to England, since he knew I had been in Spain. I can see him looking on Instagram at my stories, so that he knew I was out of the country.
It’s all background because he left me the creature I became to conquer Lucian Bute, and I am thankful to Ward. From that point, I offered 80,000 tickets at Wembley Stadium, and he couldn’t sell a telephone box out.

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