The youngster Cameron Saaiman is preparing to the fight with Zwe Ngema, who has never won in terms of EFC fights. Will the 18-year-old sportsman get his 2nd win in promotion? Read our prediction.

At what time Saaiman and Ngema fight?
The fight time is March 14, 2020, Main Card Starts at 14:00 ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Fight Sport, EFC TV, Super Sport, Sabc Sport

How many wins and losses Saaiman have?
Cameron Saaiman has 1 win and 0 losses.

How many wins and losses Ngema have?
Zwe Ngema has 0 wins and 2 losses.

Statistics and physical data

  Cameron Saaiman Zwe Ngema
Age 18 25
Weight 126.8 lbs (57.5 kgs)  
Height 5.77″ (1.76m) 5’8″ (1,72 m)
Reach 62’59” (159 cm) 71,76″ (184 cm)
Number of fights 1 2
Wins 1 0
Defeat 0 2

Cameron Saaiman

Cameron Saaiman is cinsidered to be the main wunderkind of the EFC promotion. He just recently left junior’s sport and already performs on a higher level.

Cameron is able to develop sharply and eventually to join more popular promotion in a foreseable future. But before that he should gain some signifiant victories in EFC.

Zwe Ngema

Ngema now is not a succesful EFC promotion fighter. He has already spent 2 fights and both of them were lost.

26th May 2018 – EFC 70 :Zwelebanzi Ngema vs Roevan De Beer during EFC 70 at Sibaya Casino in Durban, South Africa on the 26th of May 2018 (Photo by Roarke Bouffe / EFC Worldwide)

Nevertheless, right now Ngema is overmotivated due to the fact that he wants to get his 1st win in EFC and a rival is not so tough – Saaiman is 18 years only

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Cameron Saaiman is unbeaten.
  • Ngema has got a karate background.
  • Saaiman’s BG Discipline i kickboxing.
  • Ngema’s was defeated in 2 last matches in a row.

Cameron Saaiman vs Zwe Ngema Prediction

Cameron Saaiman is extremely young. Although he is gifted and may have a great fighting future, we will bet on his rival because Zwe Ngema is a mature one and has a nice opportunity to firstly defeat the opponent in EFC.

  • Our prediction: Zwe Ngema Will Win.

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