Call of Duty Streaming Sites

This shooter was firstly introduced to the gaming community in 2003. At that time, gamers were already familiar with CS:GO. However, this did not prevent CoD from becoming one of the most popular shooters in the world. Activision developers surprised fans of this game genre around the world with their approach to creating unique gameplay and battle scenarios. Before you start watching Call of Duty streams, we will introduce you to the basics of the game.

The instant success of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

First, and this is important, we should consider the game that came out last, that is, CoD: BO4. This year, developers with Treyarch took a bold step towards all online gameplay and decided to remove the “Campaigns” section from the franchise, which was a single-player story mode. It should be noted that this mode has traditionally been an integral part of the games in the series. With this step, the publisher fully adapted his new creation for a multiplayer online game.

Developers from Treyarch remade the popular Zombie mode, and presented it as “Blackout”. Treyarch, made their Battle Royale with CoD mechanics, a huge arsenal of weapons, unsurpassed mechanics, and their own helicopter. The first success of Blackout could be traced at the Doritos Bowl tournament, where famous streamers such as Ninja, Shroud, Courage, DrLupo took part.

The tournament itself was held as part of TwitchCon, which took place on October 26-28 in San Jose. The CoD: Blackout competition has attracted more people than its Fornite and PUBG tournaments. 

It is worth noting here that Treyarch had a great catch on the “opinion leaders” on Twitch. Having managed, even if for a short while, to attract the main trend makers to the coverage of their product, they significantly increased the interest of the game audience in Call of Duty: Blackout. Recall that famous streamers did not hesitate to include this discipline in the schedule of their daily broadcasts.

This action had positive consequences, and in the first week of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, content on this game broke into the leaders in viewing on the Twitch streaming platform. Later, when the streamers’ interest in the game went out, views also declined sharply. However, if Treyarch manages to bring them back, then the result, I think, you already know.

What series of matches can you see

The plot of each series is unique, while the gameplay is preserved. Let’s take a quick look at CoD’s release history.

The franchise includes 3 main series and several additional ones:

World war II

These issues are dedicated to the period of World War II. Players choose one of the armies and fall into times of terrifying and fierce battles. The series includes 4 issues, including the original version of the shooter.

Modern warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the first edition of the franchise dedicated to the modern world, where characters are forced to fight against terrorism. Subsequently, remakes and two sequels were also released.

Black ops

Perhaps the most popular of modern editions of CoD. The first game, released in 2008, brings us back to the Bole field during World War II. By 2019, 4 more issues were released, the history of which has radically changed. Now, players enter the world of the future, where they are forced to deal with the consequences of modern technology and climate change.

Other series

In addition, three series have been released that are in no way associated with the main editions: Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare. The first and second games talk about the near future and 2065, respectively. The last series carries players during the war of the solar system. It is especially exciting to watch the development of each of the stories during live broadcasts of matches.

Each of the CoD series is distinguished by a unique plot and main characters and is interesting in its own way to gamers. A new story and a new experience will not let you get bored.

The best streaming sites to watch Call of Duty 


Call of Duty is becoming more and more popular, since not all the shooter lovers prefer to play and watch CS:GO, because for many this game looks so ancient. Nowadays, you may pick your favourite streamer from many of them due to the fact, that Twitch is just packed with either acclaimed, or unknown gamers who broadcast the way they play. 

Twitch is also really useful for those, who want not only to watch gow gamers play for fun, but also would like to study and find something new. The point is that Twitch is the best area in terms of major tournaments, that account for millions dollars for prizes. Twitch is a broadcaster of many great eSports championships, and Call of Duty is not an exception. 

International streaming platform, existing by the standards of the Internet for a very long time – in 2011. Its main advantage is a huge audience – the site is known around the world and broadcasts many popular tournaments. He is the most hyped in this market, but the competition in it is much higher. 

The resource is also profiled on games, but it grew out of another resource on which any topic could be broadcast. It is traditionally believed that Twitch is the best of its kind, and competitors have not yet grown to its level. In this case, and on it, although occasionally there are interruptions in the video. The pluses include:

  • The largest audience;
  • Clear and detailed terms of cooperation;
  • Compliance with copyright law;
  • Quality and stability of the player;
  • Almost all significant game developers, the media about them, have their own streams here, demonstrate congresses and conferences;
  • There is a special section “creative” in which you can broadcast the stages of your work.

The popularity of the site in the world speaks for itself – most streamers achieved popularity on twitch.


The ubiquitous YouTube, as one of the most popular sites in the world as a whole, has long reached the video broadcasts by ordinary users. Having one of the best and most stable players on the Internet, he didn’t even need special advertising – the audience came by itself.

Youtube benefits:

  • Large and variegated audience from which you can attract new viewers;
  • You can broadcast on absolutely any topic – just to interest others;
  • Great player and functionality.

With all this, quite a lot of competition, in which it will be difficult to achieve popularity. Ideally, if YouTube becomes the second channel to be streamed, especially when it comes to gaming topics.


Microsoft streaming service, which allows you to stream games from PC, Xbox and mobile platforms. Streamers can earn with donations and paid subscriptions. The audience of Mixer is still insignificant, but Microsoft has a developed gaming ecosystem and enough resources to make the platform mass.