c0ntact will play a match with FunPlus Phoenix on April 5, and we will make a prediction for this match. Is Phoenix able to deal with the European mix? Read our text.


c0ntact are not in good shape, as their recent meetings vividly testify it. For example, in the previous match, they were defeated by MAD Lions (0:2), and shortly before that they lost to HAVU – 1:2. Despite this, they only managed to beat FunPlus Phoenix in a bitter struggle. At the moment, the team is on the 26th line of the world ranking, but it’s hard to compete even with tier-2 teams.

FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix have been playing together for a long period of time, but this week they came under the auspices of this organization. The Phoenixes have already had two fights and in one of them, as we noted earlier, lost to c0ntact, but in another match they defeated Chaos with a score of 2:1, being stronger on the Nuke and Train maps.

Better than the rest of the players was Voltage, who managed to get 67 kills and finish the match with the “+17” indicator.

Betting Statistics

  • FunPlus Phoenix won in the last fight.
  • c0ntact lost in two of three matches.

c0ntact — FunPlus Phoenix Prediction

The last match between the teams was an equal fight, and the Phoenixes lost with the closest score on two maps. In our opinion, this time they have every chance to take revenge and gain an important victory, given the fact that c0ntact often lose recently.

  • Our prediction: FunPlus Phoenix win

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c0ntact — FunPlus Phoenix live stream