In 2020, the UFC already hosted three events, in the main card of each of which we saw fights with the participation of little-known athletes. At the UFC Fight Night 167 tournament, this role fell to the representatives of the lightweight category, which will be the second most battled event in New Mexico. As part of the fifth fight of the evening, the recent signatory of the best league in the world Brok Weaver and promising Italian Rodrigo Vargas will meet in person. The battle will take place on February 15th.

At what time Brok Weaver vs Rodrigo Vargas fight?
The fight time is February 17, 2020, at 05:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+, ESPN, and PPV

How many wins and losses Brok Weaver have?
Brok Weaver has 14 wins and 4 loss.

How many wins and losses Rodrigo Vargas have?
Rodrigo Vargas has 10 wins and 3 loss.

Brok Weaver

The fighter spent an eventful amateur career before starting in the professional arena. Brock made his debut at Atlas Fights in 2009 with a defeat following a duel with Jeremy Pettit. Further, the athlete is inferior to Joey Parker, after which he closes the unsuccessful result with two wins in a row and begins to alternate wins and losses. As a result, Chata Tuska went from amateur to professional with a record of 9-8, losing to Melvin Smith in extreme battle.

In the professional arena, the fighter began his journey with the famous Atlas Fights and Island Fights, in which he always won. Having scored a 4-0 record on MMA beginners, Weaver will meet with Demarcus Jackson, losing to him by unanimous decision. The fighter successfully closed the defeat in the next match but lost to Socrates Pierre in the title on Island Fights. Despite this, the American continued to play in IF and got his way by winning a split in a five-round fight against Rans Jones.

The Welterweight Welterweight interrupts an unsuccessful performance at the Titan FC, after which the athlete changes the weight category. In lightweight, the fighter won over and over again in his native Island Fights and managed to perform at the sensational BKFC for martial arts, though unsuccessfully – Joe Riggs was stronger than Weaver by unanimous decision. The American got into the UFC thanks to a landslide wins over Devin Smith in the Dana White promoter series.

Rodrigo Vargas

Professionally, Vargas started in 2011, starting his performance with a series of four consecutive wins. Moreover, immediately the opposition at Vargas was quite powerful. What is one fight against Alfredo Morales, who went against a mixed martial arts rookie with a 10-1 record. The very first defeat overtook Kazula at the Combate Americas event, where he lost to Jose Caceres by strangulation.

Despite this, almost immediately the athlete is taken to the title of the organization Jasaji FL, in which he defeats Juan Ramon Grano Medina in the Grand End Pound. The wins over TWC Avenue by Ivan Castillo leads Vargas to sign a contract with Combate. For three fights in the Mexican promotion, the athlete won twice and lost once, but, nevertheless, signed a contract with the UFC. In the best league in the world, Vargas held the only fight in which he lost to Alex Da Silva.

Brok Weaver vs Rodrigo Vargas Prediction

After studying the information about the fighters and watching the fights involving athletes, it becomes clear why the UFC chose this fight as a member of the main card. Athletes are bright knockouts with a rich base in the rack, but at Weaver, this skill is developed a little better. Brock is better suited from the corners, it can work as the second or first number and has in its arsenal several good over-bands, which over and over again become a surprise for the opponent.

Vargas is much better at managing his legs, which could be for Weaver, for which move along the canvas plays a huge role, a serious obstacle to wins in the battle. In this fight, we propose to bet that the battle will end ahead of schedule.

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