Schnur and Koepfer very successfully played in Challengers. By the way, and very successfully. This is especially true for Dominik, who managed to reach the semifinals, knocking out Istomin and MacDonald. It was at a tournament in Dallas. At the same championship Schnur could not advance beyond the first round.

At what time does Brayden Schnur vs Dominik Koepfer play?
The game time is February 11, 2020, at 19:40 (UK time).

What are player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Brayden Schnur takes the 121st positions and Dominik Koepfer takes the 94th position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Brayden Schnur have?
Brayden Schnur has won 77% of games.

How many wins and losses does Dominik Koepfer have?
Dominik Koepfer has won 77% of the games.

Brayden Schnur

The player’s professional career started in 2016. In the individual category, Schnur has not yet managed to prove himself in ATP. The percentage of his victories in this series is only about 36. In the ITF series, on the contrary, the Canadian feels more comfortable and has already managed to win two tournaments in Tallahassee and Little Rock.

Despite the success in the doubles competitions achieved in the Futures, Schnur has not yet tried his hand at ITF and ATP. At the moment, he prefers to concentrate on singles.

Dominik Koepfer

Kepfer is much more stable than Schnur. Yes, and hard is Kepfer’s main profile. Also, a German in his 25 years of age can see that he is progressing, which cannot be said about Brayden, who knows how to beat more than play. In the draws, Schnur is weak and often mistaken when sending the ball to outs during the draws.

But in principle, Kepfer should easily broke it, since on the second pitch, Schnur sends the ball at a much lower speed.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Over the past five matches, Brayden lost three times.
  • Over the past five matches, Kepfer lost twice.
  • Tennis players have not met before.


The Canadian is not lucky at all this year, as he was unable to go beyond the second round at the Australian Open. An important clarification is the second qualification round. In general, Brayden’s level is understandable, so Dominik must deal with his opponent without any problems. So there can be no other options in this confrontation

Dominik Koepfer Will Win

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