Boxing Odds

Upcoming Fights Odds

Date and Time Contenders Fighter1
December 18 12:00 Jeff Horn vs
Michael Zerafa
3.00 21.00 1.36
December 19 23:00 Luther Clay vs
Freddy Kiwitt
1.36 21.00 3.00
December 20 00:00 Richard Riakporhe vs
Jack Massey
1.08 26.00 6.50
December 21 05:00 Julio Cesar Martinez Aguilar vs
Cristofer Rosales
1.36 21.00 3.00
December 21 06:00 Daniel Jacobs vs
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr
1.05 26.00 8.00
December 22 00:00 Daniel Dubois vs
Kyotaro Fujimoto
1.01 34.00 17.00
December 22 02:00 Efe Ajagba vs
Iago Kiladze
1.02 26.00 13.00
December 22 03:00 Guillermo Rigondeux vs
Liborio Solis
1.08 26.00 6.50
December 22 04:00 Tory Harrison vs
Jermell Charlo
3.00 21.00 1.36
December 29 05:00 Gervonta Davis vs
Yuriorkis Gamboa
1.08 26.00 7.00
February 23
Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 2.15 21.00 1.08
March 7 Derek Chisora vs Oleksandr Usyk

How to read boxing odds

Bookmakers offer a wide selection of boxing betting lines for you so that you can choose the ones that suit your style. How do betting odds work in boxing? How does boxing betting work? Brace yourselves, you’re about to find out.

Winner Odds. Moneyline

Boxing match winner bets are the most popular type of boxing bet. The odds coefficients for the fight are the same as in the case of football betting, since there is a 1×2 betting model. You just bet on the outcome of the fight. You bet on the victory of one of the fighters or on a draw. A draw in boxing is quite rare, especially if it’s a title fight, where the champion champion defends his belts and can generally be backed at double-figure odds.

Odds Total Over / Under Round Betting

Picking which fighter will win is not the only way to bet on boxing. Another popular type of bet is the Over / Under bet model, where you can bet on the total number of rounds, also called ‘fight to go the distance’. Total rounds offers bettors odds based on an under/over betting line. For example, if you bet on the total number of rounds of +7.5 in a match, you will win your bet if a boxing fight lasts at least eight rounds. Similarly, if you think that a match will be stopped through knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), or admission of defeat by one of the opponents (towel) before the sixth round, you can bet on -5.5 of all rounds.

Method of Victory Odds

Many boxing fans like to bet on the winning method (for example, knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), disqualification (DQ) etc.), as well as on the round in which the fight may end. This is especially useful for boxing bets when there is a strong favorite of the fight. Such bets may be more interesting for players who want to get more profit from their bets. A bet on winning by decision (or technical solution) is an alternative way to offer and a winning bet if your fighter earns a victory by points, or a more complicated technical solution. What is the technical decision? It’s a rule, is a winning bet that the fighter will not be able to continue the fight due to injury.

Serial and long-term odds rates

Some bookmakers also offer players direct bets on boxing tournaments, where you, for example, can bet on the winner of the World Boxing Super Series. This can be seen as a long-term bet, depending on when you make it, since you can follow the boxer on which you bet in several fights, in the hope that they will be winners of a particular tournament.

Other boxing special bets

A money line, over / under rounds and method of victory are the main ways to bet on boxing. But there are other special bets, for example:

  • will there be a knockdown in battle?
  • will boxer 1 be able to defeat boxer 2 with a certain margin in points (This effectively bets against the spread).
  • will boxers be deducted points for prohibited tricks?

Unconfirmed fight bets

Unlike the major pro sports leagues boxing doesn’t have a set schedule. Boxing outside the ring is a game of diplomatic negotiations. The huge money associated with this sport means that it takes months to organize the fights. This is a disappointment for many boxing fans who just want to see how the best fighters meet in the ring. If the battle is close to confirmation, then you can already bet on who, in your opinion, will win the battle. Do not worry, bookmakers always set a time limit for unconfirmed fights, so if they are not confirmed before a certain date, the bet is canceled and you get your money back.

Live Boxing Betting

Bookmakers also offer players the opportunity to bet live in boxing. Betting live is a great way to bet on boxing, because you can make the most informed decisions about how the battle will go while it actually takes place! For example, if you watch a battle between two heavy stars, and one of them is knocked out in the first round, therefore, the chances of his opponent increase. But some boxing fans might think that this is the perfect time to “play the odds” and return the fallen fighter to win later in the match. It often happens that after a knockout, a boxer gathers, and in response delivers knockout blows to his opponent.
Similarly, if you think the match will not last long, you can quickly bet that everything will end in the second round.

Boxing fights take place throughout the year, the largest fights coming from Las Vegas and New York in the USA, as well as from Wembley in the UK. Many fights take place at night – and for European fans, these fights in the USA can continue until the early hours of the morning due to time differences.