Boxing Betting Tips

The main principle of boxing betting strategy is to bet only when you know everything about the fighters encountered. By the way, and the wider your knowledge, the easier it will be for you to win. Any information regarding the fight and boxers will help you in victory. Here you win not so much as your knowledge.

Main boxing betting tips:

  1. Learn competitors. In sports betting, analytics plays a big role. The quality and volume of information owned by the player of the bookmaker directly affects the probability of winning. Before you bet on a boxing match, you need to study the statistics of previous fights of athletes. It is necessary to pay attention to the modes of their training, motivation. The physical parameters of the fighters play an important role. The weight of boxers may decrease or increase. The coach and the whole team must also be high-level professionals.
  2. Bet on favorite match. After you gathered and analyzed the information on the eve of this match, you should look at the public opinion on the forums to understand who is the favorite of the meeting and what predictions other players make. It is not necessary to know everything of boxing, you must understand that you should bet on the more likely winner.
  3. Betting Rules. Boxing today for most people is just one type of entertainment. Even for professional bettors, boxing fights are considered difficult to predict, because top fights are quite rare. You need to bet on boxing only if you fully understand who you are and why you are betting. If your bet has not played, then this should be taken with ease. Betting large amounts is only necessary if you are completely confident of victory. It is necessary to bet in the bookmaker’s office, which offers the largest selection of fights. This will be especially useful over a long distance using the chosen strategy.
  4. Modeling fight. You need to be able to correctly simulate the course of the battle, what tactics the athlete chooses for the upcoming battle, what tasks are set for him. For boxers, it is important not only to win, but also to create a general impression of the fight, which will be experts and analysts. The more the applicant holds out the rounds in the ring, the more likely he is to be invited to the fights for the champion belt in the future.

Boxing is considered one of the oldest sports. Even in ancient Greece, fist fights were practiced, which can be considered the harbingers of boxing. Professionally, they began to fight in the ring since 1867, when the first rules of boxing fights were published in London. Much time has passed since then, but the basic principles of boxing betting guide have remained unchanged.

The center of world boxing is currently considered America, but this kind os sport very popukar in United Kingdom. Americans know how to present boxing there as a real show. It is in the United States that the majority of box office fights take place, and boxing bets there are significantly higher than the European ones.

Boxing bets have no less history than the sport itself. Even in ancient times, people made simple bets on the victory of one of the fighters. Naturally, now the industry has stepped far forward, but the desire to cheer and put on a beloved fighter is still with us.

Today, boxing does not have a single main center. The sphere of influence was scattered into 4 different boxing associations, and each one conducts under its auspices many fights in different weight categories. Heavyweight fights cause the greatest spectator interest, because, in fact, the winners in them are considered the best boxers on earth. The following is a list of boxing associations:

  • International Boxing Federation – IBF
  • World Boxing Association – WBA
  • World Boxing Organization – WBO
  • World Boxing Council – WBC

Most popular type of bet

Bet on the win. Everything is simple here, the bet is on the victory of one of the fighters in any form.

Early victory. This bet includes all options for victory, except for victory by points. This is the second most popular type of bet. In this case, it is required to predict the boxer’s victory by knockout. It must be remembered that the lighter the weight category, the lower the likelihood of knockout. Also, an early victory can be caused by a refusal to continue the fight, or by disqualification. Knowing the style practiced by boxers, their motivation, level of skill will help to make the right choice.

Victory on points tips. Only the victory by the decision of the judges at the end of all rounds of the battle is set off. Bookmakers offer to guess the end of the battle, before or after the number of rounds they have determined. For example, Tyson vs Holyfield bet, more than 8 rounds. Given that the favorite bets are not very profitable, this option can be very interesting. True, subject to certain rules:

  • find out if there were episodes in the athlete’s career when he sharply “lost” to the last rounds;
  • you need to determine by statistics whether knockouts are encountered in a duel;
  • find out the number of knockdowns in the career of each boxer.

Draw tips. This bet means equality on points after all rounds of battle.

The duration of the battle tips. This bet suggests predicting the number of rounds, including the last round in which the battle will end.