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A lot of players. Fast Cashouts. Best poker software. You can download the client PokerStars legally in many countries. A wide variety of disciplines.. Ongoing experiments with the introduction of new types of poker

PokerStars is the largest poker site in the world that offers a good selection of cash games, as well as tournaments that run around the clock at any limits – from the smallest to the battles of high rollers. Every second, a tournament starts at PokerStars or a new cash game table opens. User activity is simply colossal.
High-quality software offers a fast and stable game on several tables at once, as well as great opportunities to personalize your poker space – this is unrivaled in the poker industry.
If you are looking for flaws, then you will have to work hard to find them. Due to the huge base of players, you will find here a game of any complexity – from the simplest on one table to the unusually aggressive on another. Lower stakes and tournaments are still experiencing an intense influx of weak players, which is very pleasing to thousands of PokerStars regulars seeking daily earnings. To win here regularly, you need to know a lot about poker.

Interface and Options

If after installation you have to change the version, you need to open the “Settings” menu, then click on your favorable language in the “Language” submenu. Here you choose the language in which messages from the poker room will be received.
The lobby interface is normal, with the name of the room, the VIP level of the participant, StarsCoin, cash balance, current room time, and a button for specifying the login. After entering it, it will become the “Cashier” button (if such a button is not visible, then you downloaded the version exclusively for playing on the playmoney). Below there are announcements, advertising information, in the center are tables.
There are several options for placing at the table. The “Quick Place” allows you to customize the variety of the game, then you will be placed at a suitable table. In the “Favorites” tab there are types of games added independently to this category. Users love the “All Games” tab, which provides access to all tables.
First you need to choose a game, then to decide on bets and the number of participants (short or long tables). A list of tables opens with the name, limit, game type, the number of game participants and people on the waiting list, the average bank and the percentage of flop viewing, the number of dealt. You can use an additional filter that allows you to find the format, currency, adjust the values ​​according to existing indicators. Having picked up a table, on the right you will see a list of players playing behind it with the indication of stacks. You can take up free space, in the absence of such an opportunity, you should take a queue.


Pokerstar is the largest poker site in the world and definitely worth a place for tournament play. High traffic ensures that everyone who wants to play a tournament will find a competition that matches their wallet and gaming preferences. Most tournaments have low to medium entry fees and are frequent, and tournaments with lower entry fees are usually pretty loose and profitable.
There are many tournaments for players with high stakes with a starting deposit of $500 or more, whose prize pool often exceeds the mark of $1million. Tournaments with larger entry fees usually have a strong roster, and it’s not easy to win or win prizes.A million is real!
Fortunately, the opposite is true for tournaments with lower entry fees – thousands of newcomers can take part in them, which makes some of the inexpensive tournaments with guaranteed prize pools very profitable for skilled players.
For example, PokerStars holds multi-table sit-and-go tournaments for 45 and 180 people, which start as soon as the necessary number of participants is typed – they usually start every few minutes, so you never have to wait long. These tournaments are some of the easiest on the net.
Poker Stars also holds the largest guaranteed prize pool tournaments in the world, including the updated PokerStars Sunday Million, which will return to normal from December 18, 2011. In the meantime, you can take part in the selection for the 10th Anniversary Sunday Million, where a guaranteed prize pool of $10 million!
For those looking for the largest series of online poker tournaments, the World Championship of Online Poker and (WCOOP) and the Spring Championship of Poker (SCOOP) are strong arguments in favor of PokerStars. In each of the last episodes, staggering amounts of guaranteed prize pools equal to $30 million were raffled off, and the winner of the main tournament received a prize of $1 million.
In addition to tournaments with guaranteed prize pools, PokerStars holds the majority of qualifiers for major live and online poker tournaments, such as the World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour, Asia Pacific Poker Tour, Latin American Poker Tour and Caribbean Adventures, and this is not yet full list.
PokerStars is constantly introducing new varieties of tournaments based on feedback from its customers. For example, sit-and-go tournaments “double or lose», where half of the participants double their entry fee, and multi-day draw structures for special competitions, such as the main WCOOP tournament.
The latest novelty is pokerstars bonuses that are paid to each new player as new statuses are reached.

Bonuses, rewards, promotions

There is a new VIP program. Possible rakeback – up to 30% for the status of Supernova and Supernova Elite. Stellar Rewards and FPPs are no longer there. A system of loyalty points – Stars Coin. Points are exchanged at the Poker Stars VIP store at the exchange rate: for 1 Stars Coin they give $0.01. You can order goods, tournament tickets, bonuses, exchanging for loyalty points.
Participants who place their first deposit at PokerStars can choose a bonus option:

  • the THIRTY code comes in handy when placing your first deposit in excess of $20. Get $30 for a free game as well as a $1,000,000 freeroll ticket;
  • rewards: 4 x 5 tickets for $1 Spin`n Go tournaments, 2 $5 bonuses and a $1M freeroll ticket. Tournaments are held in March, July, October, November (the “Tournaments” tab);
  • All players have the opportunity to participate in the 100K Privilege Freerolls Premium Freerolls with a prize of $100,000 or more for 31 days from the date of deposit;
  • experienced players placing the first deposit in a large amount can use the STARS600 code to receive a 100% bonus (up to $600), it beats off for $10.

How can I get $23 for free? Go to the PokerStars client, go to the “Poker School” (at the top of the screen). Register now. 4 training courses are offered, for the passage of which tournament tickets are issued. 5 tickets are issued free of charge after completing the first 3 courses. Those who complete the fourth part of the course are entitled to a $20 first deposit bonus.
Beginners should pay attention to the “no deposit bonus” in order to concentrate on the useful educational offers of the Pokerstars school. It should take several minutes to read the article, so as not to make erroneous actions that cost real money.
Further prizes are invited to receive in several ways. The reload bonuses appear three times a year for making new deposits. PokerStars VIP Club has several levels and a VIP store selling devices, books, tournament tickets, cash bonuses for FPP points. By playing more, the participant increases the level from Bronze Star to Supernova Elite, receiving $100 bonuses (per year) for reaching the highest level. Supporting incentives include small Stellar Rewards bonuses, leaderboards for tournaments, Sit & Go, in which several hundred thousand dollars are played out monthly.
Promotions – anniversary giveaways, tournament events, satellites for live tournaments, an extended guarantee for Sunday Million, quarterly VIP freerolls with a million prize. There are tournaments for women, regional events, a chance to become the owner of Lamborghini and more.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Those wishing to play online should get acquainted with electronic wallets or get a VISA system card at least Classic.

  • Click on the “Cashier” button located in the upper right corner of the lobby or in the menu.
  • “Top up account”.
  • Choose an option, click on “Deposit”.

There are many supported methods: VISA, MasterCard, EntroPay and Qiwi virtual machines, international bank transfers (not cheap, long), payments from a mobile phone (large operator fees), electronic payment systems. Information on limits is presented on the right, for example, how much maximum it is possible to deposit per day. PS does not charge interest for payments, but they are present on some systems, mobile operators, banks charge a commission. Minimum deposit (except bank transfer) – $5. Most deposit methods are instant. If you want to play big and limit the deposit, please contact support with a request to increase the limits.
If you intend to withdraw funds, you can use the input methods (except MasterCard). PokerStars first transfers the money to where the deposit was made from. If you entered funds in several ways, then first they will return to the place of the oldest deposit, then the second and so on.
Indicate the amount for withdrawal.
Click “Submit.”
In the second window, select a specific method.
If more than 6 months have passed after insertion / withdrawal, the method may not be displayed in output options. You need to write in support or again place a deposit using this method (in the second case, you can’t withdraw within two days).
The conclusion is operational, most applications are processed within a couple of hours. They come to the card in 2-3 days, some banks freeze the amount up to a month (thawed upon application). It’s possible to have not only a dollar account. By clicking on the “Add Currency” tab at the box office, you can open an account in euros, Canadian dollars, pounds. Transfer, hold on the account, play is allowed in any of the currencies, or both at once. Currencies can be converted, commission – 1%. There are euro tables in the room.
When entering from a card or at the first withdrawal, documents may be requested from the user. But everything works reliably, if a problem occurs, it is solved through the support service. If there is a hitch with the input of funds, then you can use the transfer between the players.

  • At the checkout, click “Transfer to Player.”
  • Indicate the amount to be transferred and the nickname of the receiving player.

The operation can be checked by the support service, but the process often takes several minutes. Transfer between players is not considered a deposit, limits do not apply and deposit bonuses are not accrued.
A transfer between players is not a way to pay for services or an option to “drain” money. If you send or receive “dirty” money, you can be punished until the account is closed with the confiscation of the money on it. Use transfers with well-known players and play with the funds received, but do not immediately withdraw them.

Software and graphics

PokerStars software is one of the best in the world. Not to mention the excellent functionality, stability and beauty of the site, it is also very fast, customizable, safe and convenient for playing on multiple tables at the same time.
Despite the steady increase in the number of players, the software poker stars continues to be updated and improved. Updates are quick and practically do not cause delays with the site.
In the current version, the program collects more than 120,000 real-money players at peak times. In addition, the program also allows users to play Macintosh computers. The version of the program for Macs is identical to the version of Windows, which does not need to be downloaded, but can be played directly on the site. Only the program setting differs and there is no advantage in choosing a seat at the table.


Functions of statistics and information in the upper class program. The program allows the player to receive all kinds of information.
The selected games are shown in the lobby and the names of the players at the table and the number of their chips are shown for the selected tables. It also shows the number of players who are waiting for their place at the table and their names.
Real data about the game is also available during the game upon request for analysis. In the game, the program provides an opportunity to quickly view the last 200 changes, comments on other players and useful statistics on changes.
It also recalculates the size of the pot after each player’s turn and stores separate statistics for each type of game. As a result, the statistical functions of the site are really magnificent, because the developers of the program always listen to the opinions of ordinary players.
Being the largest poker room in the world, it brings new standards to the gaming industry. Site statistics has absolutely all the modern functions of the analysis of played hands – if you are going to become a professional player, you can not do without it.

Several tables

The program supports an expanded game at several tables – up to eight regular games at the same time and an unlimited number of tournaments, usually allowing the user to choose at how many tables it is worth playing.
Such opportunities attract a huge number of professionals to the site who play simultaneously up to 20 tournaments. The player can choose one of the saved positions that he wants to view, the size of the table and a separate topic for each table – all this is aimed at giving the player full control over the game.
For greater comfort when playing at multiple tables, the program also allows the user to automatically arrange tables on the screen in the form of a cascade or nearby. Game profiles can be constantly edited and saved, which is very useful for players who prefer to play simultaneously on several tables.


The graphics in the program are what players primarily value. Here it is clear, clear, understandable and customizable. Some players believe that the program is even too clear, but mostly people like the simplicity and intuitive appearance of the program.
Due to the large number of customization options, the appearance can be easily changed. Each player will be able to find the most convenient combination. To customize the program for themselves, users can upload images to the avatar, representing them in the game. Fortunately, there is also the opportunity to hide all the avatars of the players and get rid of all sorts of cat dogs and rabbits in the style of Playboy. In addition, the program allows you to remake the background of the table to your taste.

Special abilities

The program is very good, but does not have a lot of surprises. You can view individual change histories for regular and tournament games, buy and sell tournament dollars, visit the tournament leaderboards, but there are no other special functions. In short, this is a very good program that works and looks at five points.
In general, Pokerstar is one of the most popular poker rooms among players. The second such poker room simply does not exist!

Software features

The high stakes cash game is one of the toughest on the net, you can hardly see such a tight game. But do not lose heart, but here you can find players who could teach you how to use your experience and knowledge, even in such a seemingly not very profitable game. Learn!
But together with professionals, thousands of new players come here every day. Here it will never be difficult to find a suitable tournament or cash game for any skill level. As a rule, the level of games in tournaments is on average higher in the room than in cash games. At medium cache limits, competition is comparatively lower, but it advises you to think ten times before rushing into the heat of a big game – there are very talented and aggressive players.