New qualification game of the Federation Cup beetween Bonaventure Ysaline and Yulia Putintseva. Will Yulia be able to continue her progress?- check our prediction.

Bonaventure Ysaline

Bonaventure holds near the top 100. But the player can not boast of any high-profile victories or successes. The reason is that the representative of Belgium spent her entire career in the ITF tour and at the age of 25 has no experience playing in WTA tournaments. It should be noted, Ysaline is still among the promising, despite his age and stagnation. It stands out for its versatility, is capable of producing results on all types of coatings. Bonaventure is quite not big in size, but has a good pitch and a powerful blow.

Yulia Putintseva

Recently, Putintseva cannot but rejoice. After all, she revised her behavior on the court, became more restrained and disciplined. And it positively reflected on her game, as the tennis player entered the top 50.

Putintseva can infuriate any tennis player. After all, she rejoices at every point in such a way as if she won the Grand Slam tournament. Moreover, Yulia celebrates points won due to other people’s mistakes, and this is considered bad form in tennis. If we talk about the game of the Kazakhs woman, then she knows everything on the court. Recently, Putintseva is trying to act more aggressive, but still more confident she manages to play on the counterattack.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • The girls have already met on the court. The match was on hard in 2018, then Ysaline was stronger
  • Yulia demonstrates tennis of a completely different level
  • Bonaventure holds near the top 100. But she can not boast of any high-profile victories or successes


Between the national teams of Belgium and Kazakhstan there will be a stubborn struggle. But much will depend on the leaders, and these are Putintseva and Mertens. Therefore, Yulia with an incredible spirit will enter the game against Bonaventure, as she will have nowhere to retreat. And Ysaline is stylistically comfortable for Putintseva, because a Kazakhs player can make her opponent make a lot of mistakes. So Putintseva will win.

  • Our prediction – Yulia Putintseva will win

Bet and win

At what time does the Bonaventure Ysaline and Yulia Putintseva play?
The game time is Febuary 07, 2020, at 17:00 (GMT+1).

What are player’s positions in WTA rankings?
Bonaventure Ysaline takes the 115th positions and Yulia Putintseva takes the 34th position in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does the Bonaventure Ysaline have?
Bonaventure Ysaline has won 33% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does the Yulia Putintseva have?
Yulia Putintseva has won 47% of the games as a favorite.