On February 29 in the suburb of Melbourne called St.Kilda the boxing fans have an opportunity to visit the local Town Hall to enjoy the fight between Bo Belbin and Will Parsons. It’s only the 4th fight for the former athlete so that he could get some more experiene with a skilled counterpart.

Get an insight in the bout result in a prediction we’ve made for you

At what time Bo Belbin and Will Parsons fight?
The fight time is February 29, 2020, at 04:00 PM (UTC+9).

Where to watch the fight?
Box Rec

How many wins and losses Belbin have?
Bo Belbin has 3 wins and no losses.

How many wins and losses Parsons have?
Will Parsons has 10 wins and 4 losses.

Bo Belbin

The Australian Bo Belbin, made his debut just 7 month ago on 27 Juli 2017 in a fight against the Korean Dong Young Kang. The first victory the boxing newcomer made with an unanimous decision.

Till the end of the year the sportsman fought two more times and got his next victories against Damien Lock and John McLaughlan with knockouts in the second and the forth rounds respectively.

Bo represents super welter division and is the 19th strongest boxer in his homeland Australia and is number 623 in the world among the 1861 registered sportsmen. His KO percentage is 66.7 so if he continues winning Belbin is sure to be placed higher in the standings.

Will Parsons

Parsons was born in Gold coast, Queensland, Australia on 4 April 1989. The 30-year-old spends his 10th year in the professional sports careee having in total 14 bouts in his experience.

Will has an orthodox stance and represents super welter weight division. He is the 16th strongest fighter in his division in Australia. In the world rankings Will holds the 538 position.

Will Parsons is better prepared physically, and he must have studied his opponent’s fighting tactics before the match, so he should be very familiar with all his techniques. Moreover Parsons understand that the bout is not only to defeat the opponent, but also to do it as effectively as possible.

Bo Belbin vs Will Parsons Prediction

On the side of Bo Belbin is strength and youth, that is he is quite capable of conducting all the rounds of the fight. Bo Belbin (Avs) is slightly older than his opponent but still he is at his best form ever. On the side of Will is the experience gained in numerous confrontations with various fighters. We predict that Parsons will use in the upcoming battle

  • We predict a victory of Will Parsons.